Why Does My Apple Watch Tell Me to Breathe – How to Turn Off?

Why Does My Apple Watch Tell Me to Breathe - How to Turn Off

Do you constantly get breathing instructions from your Apple Watch? There are others like you. Breathe reminders are a fundamental aspect of the Apple Watch experience, but it appears that users may have more questions than answers about it.

Is the Breathe app random or does it recognize when you’re stressed? And if you find it annoying or useless, how do you stop it? You should know the following about Breathe App.

What Is Breathe?

Breathe is an Apple Watch app that introduces users to guided meditation. Over the course of several seconds, an animated flower gradually expands and contracts. When the flow increases, the app instructs you to inhale deeply and hold it; when the flower contracts, you should exhale.

Frankly, it’s mesmerizing. It’s calming just to talk about it. Even Apple Watch faces have been made specifically for the app and its graphics, in addition to the nearly 15,000-view, 10-hour animation video on YouTube.

Each session doesn’t have to be the same because Breathe allows for customization. Before you start, you can set the session length, the number of breaths per minute, and whether or not the app remembers the length of your previous session. These settings affect how long each deep breath should be.

The Breathe app will also show your current heart rate when the meditation is over. Ideally, it’s lower than when you started, but that’s not the main goal of the app.

Why Does My Apple Watch Tell Me To Breathe?

If your Apple Watch notices that you are holding your breath for a long period of time, it will alert you to take a breath. Although it can be toggled off, this feature will be by default set to “on.” It was created by Apple with the goal of calming you down and allowing you to concentrate on your breathing.

When you are feeling overly tense, anxious, or are just plain losing yourself in your workout, the Apple Watch’s breath-reminder feature will prompt you to take a moment to remember to breathe. 

And, if I’m being completely honest, you can use it for yoga and meditation as a way to center yourself and control your breathing.

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Does The Apple Watch Tell You To Breathe When You’re Stressed?

The Breathe feature on the Apple Watch only activates when you have been sitting still for a while and could benefit from taking a minute to practice deep breathing rather than when it detects that you are stressed. Can this help you reduce some of your stress? Potentially, yes. However, it is not intended to sound every time you feel pressured and need to take a breath.

What Are Breathe Notifications On Apple Watch?

Breathe notifications come from the Breathe app, which is a native app on watchOS created by Apple. In essence, it’s a guided meditation app that leads users through a brief exercise in mindful breathing.

The app’s design is actually quite lovely, with a blue flower that slowly opens and closes to lead users through a single breath. The app itself is quite straightforward. Breathe sessions can be customized by the number of breaths per minute and duration. When you finish these sessions, breathe sessions, also known as “mindful minutes,” appear in the Health app.

Your heart rate will also be shown on the Breathe app at the conclusion of a session. Ideally, the goal is for it to be lower than when you started, but that isn’t necessarily the point of the app. Apple’s emphasis on health and wellbeing is the reason for the addition of Breathe to the lineup. Reduced levels of stress and lower blood pressure are just a couple of the advantages of mindful breathing. In other words, it’s probably a good idea to open the Breathe app for a brief session once a day.

Why Does My Apple Watch Tell Me to Breathe

Breathe Reminders On The Apple Watch: What Causes Them?

Your Apple Watch won’t remind you to breathe unless you set a reminder for it in the Mindfulness app, so that’s a no. Contrary to popular belief, getting an alert is not related to having a high or low breath rate.

One of the most widespread myths about Breathe alerts is that they have something to do with stress. The Apple Watch is supposed to be able to tell when you need to calm down and follow Taylor Swift’s advice.

The Apple Watch also is unable to identify asthma or anxiety. So, it won’t act as a breathing reminder either. Newer watches like the Series 7 do have a Low Heart Rate notification. But, even that notification doesn’t trigger a breathing alert.

So, the only way for a breathing alert to pop up is for it to be manually set in the application. Following that, only at that moment will the notification appear. 

How To Turn Off Breathe Alerts In Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch has the Breathe app, use the steps below to turn off reminders. These instructions use the Watch app for iPhone, but you can find the same options in the Settings app on the Apple Watch.

  1. In the Watch app for iOS, scroll down and select Breathe.
  2. Tap Breathe Reminders.
  3. Choose None.
  4. Another way to hide reminders is to select Notifications Off on the second screen, but using the method above will save you a step if you decide you want to use Inhale the upcoming moment.


Our health can be greatly improved by the Apple Watch. Regrettably, there aren’t any (yet) for making sure we breathe properly during stressful or anxious situations.) However, we still recommend keeping breathe alerts on unless they aren’t too annoying for you.


What Triggers the Breathe App

On the other hand, Apple notes that Breathe notifications are automatically rescheduled if a user is moving, exercising, or if they start a session on their own. That means Breathe reminders will typically appear after you finish working out or when you have a moment of stillness after moving.

How to Turn on Breathe on Apple Watch

Touch and hold the display with the on-screen watch face. After completely swiping left, tap the New button (+). Then tap Add after turning the Digital Crown to Breathe. Tap the watch face to open the Mindfulness app.

What is Reflected in Apple Watch

Reflect and breathe with the Mindfulness app to help you relax and focus. You can take several deep breaths while using the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch to concentrate on your breathing, or you can pause for a moment to consider a thought or action.

Apple Watch Mindfulness

Set mindfulness reminders: Under Reminders, toggle Start of Day and End of Day on or off. Tap Add Reminder to add more reminders. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, and tap Mindfulness. Turn Weekly Summary on or off to receive or stop receiving it.

Apple Watch Breathe Rate

Your respiratory rate can be measured and tracked using an Apple Watch Series 3 or later running watchOS 8. With Track Sleep with Apple Watch turned on, when you wear your Apple Watch to bed, it will automatically measure and record the number of times you breathe in a minute.

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