Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay? (2022 Guide For You)

Does Arby's Take Apple Pay

When dining at Arby’s and other restaurants, one of the most popular payment methods that patrons want to use is Apple Pay. Arby’s accepts a variety of payments including Apple Pay, and they frequently update their choices to make life simpler for patrons.

The first Arby’s restaurant opened its doors in 1964, and today it is a national chain of fast food restaurants known for its roast beef sandwiches. Thousands of new locations have since been added since then.

Users can make payments using their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with Apple Pay, a reputable contactless payment system. When you use Apple Pay, your credit card details are saved on your device and used to make purchases at merchants who accept the service.

There are numerous benefits to caring that Arby’s is one of the many merchants that accept Apple Pay. First off, it is safer than other methods because only the last four digits and expiration date of your credit card are given to retailers.

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is indeed accepted at Arby’s right now. Other methods of payment are accepted at Arby’s, including those made with credit and debit cards that you might also have linked to your Apple Pay account. You can also pay with cash when placing an order.

There is a possibility that some locations do not yet accept Apple Pay because the service is constantly expanding and adding new features. Apple Pay may not be accepted at all Arby’s locations, but most of them do.

How To Use Apple Pay At Arby’s

At Arby’s, using Apple Pay is easy! As was already mentioned, the first step is to include it as a payment method in your Apple Wallet.

To do this, launch the Wallet app on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to add a card. The card will then be added to your Apple Wallet after you enter your credit card or debit card information.

Drive-thrus can be a good option if you’re pressed for time or you just don’t feel like going inside a restaurant to place your order. However, in some restaurants’ drive-thrus, using Apple Pay may not go as planned. Fortunately, Arby’s restaurants with drive-thrus should be able to accept payment through Apple Pay.

Setting up the app with your preferred payment information is the hardest part of using Apple Pay:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • The “Add” button should be tapped. It resembles a plus sign.
  • Depending on the type of card you are adding, tap either “Debit Card” or “Credit Card.”
  • Press the “Continue” button.
  • To add the information for your card, follow the on-screen directions.
  • It might be necessary to check the details with your bank or the card’s issuer.

You’ll be prepared to use Apple Pay at restaurants with drive-thrus once this is finished. If a POS system is prepared to accept Apple Pay, you will be able to see an Apple Pay icon on or close to it. Apple Maps can be used to locate establishments that accept Apple Pay, as well as stores that do.

You can tap your phone to your preferred card on the POS just like you would in a store while the Apple Pay app is open to use Apple Pay at the drive-thru. The POS system of participating restaurants should display an Apple Pay icon.

Does Arby's Take Apple Pay?

Why Is Apple Pay Not Accepted At All Arby’s Locations?

There are numerous explanations as to why all Arby’s might not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. The most typical explanation is that the cash registers and payment terminals aren’t configured to accept it.

There are specific terminals and readers needed in order to accept Apple Pay. The restaurants are unable to accept this form of payment because many Arby’s registers are not configured to accept it.

Apple Pay might be viewed by Arby’s restaurants as a hassle rather than a perk for patrons. Although it can be a quick and simple method for customers to pay for their meals and orders, it can also result in issues.

Customers might not have their actual credit or debit cards on them to make their purchases if the app breaks down or the system goes down. Customers may become irate as a result and Arby’s may end up with a lot of food that has been prepared but cannot be sold.

Anything that creates issues and delays the line prevents the restaurant from getting customers in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Arby’s?

Arby’s is a great place to use Apple Pay because the food is ready quickly, allowing you to enter, place your order, pay, and leave.

People have occasionally claimed that Arby’s was unable to accept Apple Pay at the drive-thru because their payment machines couldn’t extend that far outside the window. In that case, your results may vary, but aside from that, use Apple Pay as frequently as you can!

Unless you’re an Android user, in which case we recommend using Google Pay for many of the same benefits afforded to you by using Apple Pay. Mobile wallets shield your payment information, which helps to protect it.

In other words, when you use Apple Pay to make a purchase, neither the retailer nor the restaurant nor the merchant ever sees your credit card number or other private payment details.

How To Download And Install An Apple Pay App

You might be unsure of how to get started with Apple Pay if you’ve never used it before or haven’t in a while. It’s simple to set up and operate. The steps for downloading and installing an Apple Pay app are summarized below.

  • Download the Apple Store App (free) from the Download it from the App Store.
  • Open the app, then click Get Started in the top right corner of the display.
  • When prompted, enter your password and email address.
  • Choose whether you want to add a credit card or a debit card, then tap Add Card. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the card’s information.
  • Once finished, make sure all of your payment information is accurate by tapping Save.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Done once you’ve finished adding cards.

Other Payment Methods At Arby’s

When American Express’ ExpressPay and Visa’s Contactless Payments were introduced in 2006, Arby’s was one of the companies that first accepted them. They additionally take PayPass from Mastercard.

Any of the credit cards mentioned earlier can also be used normally, without touch or tap. At Arby’s, you can pay with debit cards, gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and cash.

Of course, Apple Pay is also accepted at the majority, if not all, Arby’s restaurants, unless it’s a franchise that has chosen to decline to accept this helpful payment option for one reason or another.

In general, Arby’s accepts all of the common payment methods you would anticipate to find at any fast food establishment, as well as Apple Pay and perhaps additional mobile payment methods that utilize related technology.


Your life can be made a lot more convenient by using Apple Pay to manage your in-person payments. Your payment information can be safely stored by the app, which can then use it to communicate with POS terminals installed in stores and fast food outlets.

Apple Pay is accepted at the majority of Arby’s locations in North America, including those with a drive-thru. The payment should be processed without a hitch if you simply tap your phone on the POS while the Apple Pay app is open to your preferred card.

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