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Done App

The Done App is a best practice tracking application that is well received by users. The Done App provides everything you need to create a good habit or get rid of a bad habit. It has a great customizable design, some useful widgets, integrates directly with apple health applications for automatic tracking, and provides strong support for shortcuts. Done App is free for up to 3 habits, then $8.99 for lifetime access or $18.99 as part of a group of apps.

What is Done App?

The Done App helps you create a healthy daily life by helping you set goals, track progress, and then motivate you with a winning streak / streak. Unlike many other custom applications, done allows you to set goals and track them many times a day, not just once a day. The Done App can help you develop and quit habits / activities. After setting realistic daily, weekly, or monthly goals, the Done App will help you track your habits and activities and tell you when you have achieved your goals. When you reach your goals in a continuous period of time, the Done App can also track continuous or continuous records. The free version of the Done App allows you to create 3 habits / goals. For more than 3 versions, you need to upgrade to the advanced version.

Done is an application designed to help users create healthy routines. It features the ability to set goals and track the progress of daily habits. Each habit can be customized through a unique color bar, reminders, notes, functions set many times a day, etc. All custom data with totals and timestamps can also be easily exported to CSV files. The app can be downloaded for free. Users can choose to purchase a one-time upgrade of Done App for $8.99, and track more than three habits at a time.

How Does Done App Work?

The Done App allows you to set and track goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The Done App lets you set goals many times a day, not just once, like most custom apps. Done App fully customizable custom display (color bar). You can choose what motivates you, and you can track your habits and quit smoking habits. The Done App also has interesting color options that allow you to customize your list • daily logs allow you to record your habits. In addition, the Done App makes it easy to edit past events. Users can group habits into custom categories for organization. Each user has multiple reminders for each habit in the Done App. It is very important that the CSV data that the Done App can export has a total number and timestamp. You can also use the faceid/touchid of the Done App to protect your password • use the apple watch or record activities through widgets. Done App also has icloud and Dropbox data backup, which is integrated with Apple’s healthkit, allowing you to set and track goals according to your activities. Users can also set unlimited habits / goals in the Done App.

Done App Features

The Done App is a flexible and simple IOS habit tracking tool. The app includes tracking the two habits you want to develop and quit. Whether you want to eat more vegetables or less junk food, the Done App is very useful.

The fun and colorful interface of the Done App allows you to set and track goals daily, weekly and monthly. You can also set a goal and form a habit many times a day, which is very useful for things such as drinking water or stretching.

The Done App has some interesting features to keep you motivated. Every habit has a “daily diary” in which you can record your progress. The application allows you to group habits for easy navigation. For example, you can have “healthy” habits, “work” habits and “exercise” habits (or any category that makes sense to you). The Done App can help you.

How to Use Done App?

The Done App allows you to set daily, weekly, or monthly habit goals and track your progress towards those goals. The Done App is system oriented, not goal oriented. Do put your investment in your actions, not the results. Miraculously, this will allow you to achieve better results because you focus on and are motivated by the things you can control.

  • Getting used to it

Click the “+” at the bottom of the Done App screen to create your first habit. There are many choices. You can say your habit, set it to daily, weekly, or monthly, and the number of days you want to form a habit.

Important: you can also use the Done App to develop negative habits, for example, when you don’t do something, such as drinking or smoking. Doing so can help us eliminate bad habits, just as it can help us form good habits.

When scrolling, the Done App can assign colors, other options, and habits to new or existing groups.

  • Set up group

The Done App habit can be divided into several groups you create. Groups are custom categories that can be completely customized. This is all you need to set up.

Benefits of Done App 

In short, because we all have too much to do. If you are like most people, the list will get longer and longer. E-mail, chat, phone – the input list continues to grow. As it does, we need to make tough choices and decide what to do and what not to do. But habits are not.

Your Done App’s tasks and projects may help you decide what you do, but your habits determine who you are.

Your Done App’s to-do list contains everything you might or might not do, but we see habits as another dimension. Tasks and projects are optional, but habits are not negotiable. The problem is that habits are often important but not urgent. Therefore, if they are not intentional, it is easy to let them slip away and form bad habits.

The fact is that we all have habits and routines. We do something every day, consciously or unconsciously. The moment you decide to deliberately choose your habits is the day you begin to change the future.

Using the Done App is a good way to give priority to these small things, which together will produce big results. If you let yourself care about this as I do, this is a good way to take responsibility for what you want. This month, I decided to develop positive habits and control some of the chaos in my life. Recording an activity, not only for the color and application, but also for looking at it and saying “I do these things every day” or “I meditate / exercise three times a week”, feels very satisfied. This really helps me realize that when you introduce daily activities into your free time, you will feel much better. I got the growth bundle and am slowly introducing myself to other applications in the package. Besides completion, doing and gratitude are my favorites. If you had $10 to spend on the promo, I would say it was worth at least letting them try. Some may seem superfluous, but this is a good way. You can try the advanced features on the Done App for a year, and then see what you want to keep. There are only four stars, because when I open it, the Done App sometimes / often breaks down, allowing me to go back to the home screen and get some satisfaction from recording my activities. Besides, I don’t have any problems.

Final Words

I’ve always wanted a simple way to track habits, but I don’t know why it took so long to launch such an app on the iPhone.

Now that I have found this app called Done App, I will never give up because it is so perfect. It’s easy to track any goal or habit (my goals or habits are full of emoticons), and you can track trends, see trends over time, and get a lot of data.

When you tap to say that you have formed a habit that day, your mobile phone will make a satisfactory buzz. I also like the color of this app and everything is going well. If you only use it to track three habits, the Done App is free; If you want it to help you develop more habits, you can choose to pay $4.99.

It’s incredibly helpful to establish a routine: make sure I take medicine and eat!, Even brush your teeth twice a day, and so on. This is where I started. Now I have a complete morning sequence and I am very satisfied with it. It’s easy for people to forget the daily chores that have a significant impact on their health, and I’ve been doing this with the help of Done App, which is very huge. I am engaged in software work, so I also appreciate this point: the Done App is beautifully designed and simple. It can complete your desired operation by touching and sliding – if not, it will be completed in the next update. The Done App is absolutely the right choice to split the productivity functions of other parts of the growth bundle into separate applications rather than one integrated application. Although I also like the last application, at this point. Thank you very much to the development team. Seriously – I saw the choices you are making. The Done App is very good. I may be a lifelong user of the Done App!

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