How To Get Snapchat Notifications On Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Are you okay with the Snapchat alert showing up on your Apple Watch? If so, this post will show you how to go about doing it.

As you may already be aware, the Apple Watch does not support the Snapchat app. It does not stop you from getting notifications from Snapchat on your Apple Watch, though.

How Can I Download Snapchat for Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate for notifications even though you’ve enabled Mirror iPhone alerts, it’s possible that Sounds under the Snapchat notification on your iPhone aren’t turned on.

Following the instructions below will cause your Watch to vibrate whenever a Snapchat notification arrives.

  • Firstly, press and hold the ‘Crown’ button on the sideways of your watch to launch Siri.
  • Cite ‘Google Search’ and wait for Siri to respond with ‘What exactly are you trying to look up?
  • Respond by saying ‘’ to Siri and scroll down through the results
  • Scroll through the results presented by Siri and tap on “Open Page“.
  • A browser with Google Search will appear where you have to search for ‘Snapchat Login’ in the search field
  • On the search result page, choose the first result titled ‘Login. Snapchat’ by tapping on it
  • You might not want to log in to your account because Apple Watch typing is difficult. When doing so, enter “Snapchat stories” into the search bar of Google and select the “story”

How to Access Snapchat on Apple Watch

A browser on an Apple Watch can also be used to access Snapchat by the user.

  1. On the Apple Watch, the user can press and hold the “Crown” button available on the side of the watch.
  2. By doing this, the user will be able to launch “Siri” and responds to it by saying “” and scroll down through the results.
  3. Here, the user will be able to search for “Snapchat Online” and login into the account. Users can now access Snapchat on their Apple Watch.

Why Snap Notifications Don’t Work?

Several things can be checked if you’re having trouble receiving Snapchat notifications on your Apple Watch. Ensure that Snapchat notifications are turned on and that your iPhone is connected to the internet.

Ensure that the Snapchat app on your iPhone has “Sounds” turned on for notifications. You might also need to check the box next to “Mirror iPhone alerts from” in the Apple Watch app.

Try forcing the Snapchat app to close and then opening it again if you have notifications turned on for Snapchat on your Apple Watch but they aren’t working.

Apple Watch

Is Snapchat officially accessible on Apple Watches? 

In short, Snapchat is not currently supported by Apple Smartwatches. The program functions flawlessly on iOS devices, but since Apple changed its policy requirements to only permit native apps on the Apple Watch interface, a ported version created for the Watch OS has never been released.

As much as you can do is enable Snapchat notifications on your iOS device and then enable them on your watch. Speaking of the workaround, it simply entails using Snapchat’s web client, though even that is only accessible on Apple watches with WebKit enabled.

Given that sending and receiving snaps is one of the main functions of the Snapchat app, the wearable’s lack of a camera is another obvious reason why the app isn’t available despite its rising popularity.

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Benefits of Having Snapchat on Apple Watch

  • Check Stories

The users will have access to the stories that their friends and other users who are following one another have posted. However, users won’t be able to view the stories of all the famous people they follow on Snapchat.

  • Navigation

The Snapchat app will allow users to navigate across the maps in addition to the story. It will be possible if the user has an Apple Watch and an iPhone both with connected Snapchat accounts. So the user can check on the information and updates from friends, they can zoom in and out.

  • Search

The app’s search bar feature will allow users to look up profiles by entering keywords. Users can search for the accounts of famous people to test this feature because they are simple to find.

Sadly, Snapchat does not allow users to respond to incoming messages or snaps using an Apple watch. Therefore, despite being unable to view or respond to any messages, the user will still be able to see the notification.


Because it runs on the iOS operating system, Snapchat only supports iPhone. Furthermore, there has been no official announcement that Snapchat will ever be made available for Apple Watch. On your Apple Watch, you can easily access Snapchat’s web interface.

On our website, we tried this approach, and it was a complete success. You can do this to use your Apple Watch to read messages and watch stories virtually anywhere.

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