What is y99 App and How to Use?

y99 App

Y99 app claims that it can easily make live video and voice calls with online boys and girls or friends. Y99 app is an easy-to-use interface, which can be familiar to your daily calling applications. Users can enjoy random video chat and make new friends with ziah y99 app.

What is y99 App?

Y99 app is a chat website that provides random online international chat rooms (private and group) for free without registration or registration. Meet strangers and make new friends. It also supports video calling and video sharing.

The performance of the y99 app can be tracked daily in different devices, categories, and countries. You can not register friends, or you can meet strangers.

The y99 app also provides video sharing and video call facilities. You can use voice calls and live video chat. The y99 app has an easy-to-use interface that is very similar to most calling applications that can be found today. You do not need to pay any fees for the video calls you dial. You can make free video based calls at any time.

Users can easily make new friends and enjoy random video chat through the y99 app. You can chat with your friends or make new friends online. You can add like-minded people to your friends list.

Y99 App Features

You can enter some user names in the y99 app and accept the terms. You can start using the free y99 chat site without registering. After entering y99 app Wang Zan, you will view the strangest welcome page in the history of the chat website.

  • Group Chats
  • One to One Chats
  • Memes
  • Roleplay Chat

Y99 app allows private and group discussions, so that people can really feel the real life like feeling when they have to choose from a group of students, which makes y99 app adventurous and interesting. The y99 chat review live (ycrl) chat room allows you to meet people like you who want to make friends. We have seen and experienced that when a person who can really convince a group of people to go online, the whole dialogue process will automatically change and proceed according to them. Different dating platforms have their own technologies. By setting subscription barriers, their platforms are often attacked by spam. Sometimes it may not be so convincing, because the platform itself may deceive you. You will never know whether this is a recording video you like so much. Every week, new dating sites are added to the group of dating sites on the Internet to meet the needs of those looking for meaningful dating sites.

The Benefits of y99 App

You can log in to the y99 app with one touch and try a chat based application to send videos, images and text messages.

It has voice call function, video call function and voice memo. This is easy. All you have to do is choose a user name for your own use, which is enough.

This free chat app may be useful for social interaction with the y99 app. You can build relationships and meet everyone from all over the world. You can change your profile, write, listen to music, play games and chat on the same page. The y99 app is robust in design. The y99 app can run on any type of network. Even if your connection is slow, your fun and excitement will not be affected. If you want to make the chat of y99 app more comfortable, you can chat in the dark environment of night mode.

Is y99 App a Safe Chat Site?

Before giving a simple one word answer, we would like to point out what is y99 app chat and how it works?

The creator of the free chat website is playing a safe game and getting a chat system. Anyone can chat with anyone anonymously. In case of any spam, abuse or mischief, y99chat will not assume any responsibility because you have accepted the terms and conditions before using this website. We are not fools. We believe that teenagers’ chat rooms are different from adults’ chat rooms.

What is y99 App Suitable for?

Want to meet a stranger? Y99 app is a chat website. You can access the random online chat room service without registration. It not only allows you to chat with random strangers, but also free of charge. In our free chat room, you have the opportunity to meet strangers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and other countries around the world. Talking with strangers is a good way to kill time. Talking with new friends in the chat room can help you improve and verify your ideas. This is a valuable privilege without registering, logging in or registering. To start chatting with this chat service, you just need to select the appropriate user name and start chatting. We have made all the arrangements for your successful conversation in the y99 chat room. In the y99 chat room, you can share pictures and videos and enter the chat room in real time. With our private chat service, you can chat with strangers in private chat rooms. Start making new friends today.


If you want to find friends and meet strangers, y99 app, a free chat app, is a good choice. There are good security features here to ensure that your email can be read by others.

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