How to Use Samsung TV Remote App Without WiFi?

How to Use Samsung TV Remote App Without WiFi

If you want to use Samsung TV without WiFi, you need to install Samsung TV remote app with Infrared blaster on your device. These applications will extend their functionality and allow you to control TV without WiFi. Let’s see how to use apps to control our TVs and other devices.

Mobile phones and tablets have become one of the most used items in our daily life. It will be more convenient if you can use the Samsung TV remote app to control without having to look around for a missing or misplaced remote control. Your mobile phone will become a smart remote control. However, this proposal has a big warning. Your phone needs a built-in infrared blaster. If not, an external infrared blaster is required. External infrared blasters are easy to find and buy online. This may not achieve the purpose of losing and finding the remote control, but with an external infrared blaster, you will be able to use one device instead of a bunch of different remote controls.

How Does the Android TV Eemote Control Work?

Well, if your phone has an infrared intensifier built in, you just need to search universal remote or infrared intensifier in the app store. For Android, you will find an app called smart IR remote from anymote. This application will extend the functionality of your device. It will allow you to control too many appliances in your home, not just TV. It will control your communication. Any home theater with remote control can control it.

Samsung TV remote app can be used to control TV with mobile phone. You will find more applications available. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. If you want to control TV without WiFi, it will be more difficult to use IOS devices.

Samsung TV Remote App without WiFi

If you have a Samsung TV, you may want to control them with a mobile phone without WiFi. Just remember, you need a mobile phone with a built-in infrared blaster. If you want to buy a phone, please click the link above to access the list of phones with IR blaster. Once you get a mobile phone with a built-in infrared blaster, you need to install a general-purpose remote application to control your TV without WiFi.

If you try to use the Smartphone Application on your phone to remotely control your TV without WiFi connection, please follow the following methods or steps:

If you are a Samsung TV user, the following describes how to use an Android phone as a TV and remote control. If your Samsung TV is non intelligent, please use a TV remote control application without WiFi.

To do this, please carefully perform the following steps:

You will use the general Android Samsung TV remote control application to perform this function. You must first download the application.

  • On the Android smartphone, find the Android play store application icon on the screen, and then click open.
  • On the Android play store menu, find the search panel, insert keywords into the application you want to download, which is a general Samsung TV remote control, and then search. You will have a list of many remote controls, so choose the general Samsung TV remote control application, and then click the installation option on the download menu.
  • After installation, click the application icon on the Android smartphone home screen to open it.
  • Find and click the infrared blaster option on the application menu page to open it. (IR blaster is an Android smart phone sensor software that allows smart phone users to control TV through Android devices). Note: when using this application, make sure that the WiFi connection and data connection are turned off when using the satellite receiver.
  • On the IR blaster menu, select your Samsung TV from the list, and then click it.
  • Once the pairing is successful, you can start using the general Android Samsung TV remote control to control the Samsung TV.

What is Infrared Blaster?

Infrared blaster simulates the action of manual remote control through infrared signal. For example, the traditional remote control TV can only be operated by the keys on the remote control device. By using infrared signals, infrared blasters now allow you to manage your TV through the remote control application on your mobile phone. Installing or connecting infrared intensifiers in mobile phones will no longer require a TV remote control. Worried about where you left your remote control last night? With all the controls of Android TV on your mobile phone, it’s no longer important.

If you use an Android device, it may have a built-in infrared blaster. IPhone, on the other hand, is not. However, infrared blasters are slowly being replaced by new models because they are now considered obsolete technology. There is a simple way to verify the infrared compatibility of mobile phones. You can find IR test application on Google play store. It will let you know whether your mobile phone can be used as a universal TV remote control without WiFi.

How do I Know if My Mobile Phone has an Infrared Blaster?

If you have an IOS device, you probably don’t, but an Android device may have one. This option is being phased out by mobile phones, but there are two technologies. Look at the top of your phone and look for an opening. This opening is similar to a remote control sensor. It has a dark red lens on it, allowing the signal to pass. The second technique is to download an application called IR test. This application will check whether your phone has an infrared blaster built in. You can also click the link below to access the list of mobile phones with built-in infrared blasters.

Can I Use My Mobile Phone as a Universal Remote Control?

You may have heard of the universal intelligent remote control, which requires all your intelligent devices to connect through the same network. However, your mobile phone can also be used as a universal remote control without Wi Fi network. You can use the intelligent infrared remote control to control the TV.

How Can I Get the Infrared Blaster?

You can find external infrared blasters suitable for mobile phones or tablets on the Internet. They will be plugged into the headphone jack or charging port. When using external infrared blasters, you may need to use the application recommended by them.

If your phone does not have an infrared intensifier by default, you can use an external infrared intensifier. The infrared blaster can be connected to the infrared port on the device, which is mainly a headphone jack or a charging port. For more details on how to use the infrared blaster, click here. Although its function is very convenient, it does mean that every time you want to use the mobile phone as a complex universal remote control, you must connect an external hardware to the mobile phone. For this reason, it may be wise to turn an old mobile phone into a permanent replacement remote control. This will save you the trouble of connecting and reconnecting your mobile phone all the time.

Benefits of Using Infrared Blasters

Using WiFi universal remote control, such as Samsung smart TV remote control, requires that your mobile phone and Samsung smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network. Bluetooth remote control also belongs to the same category as smart TV remote control that requires WiFi. Because all your home appliances will be connected through a network, you can finally have a smart house.

Although this is acceptable for people who pay great attention to technology, it may be troublesome for daily life. Using infrared blasters with the right remote applications can reduce the need for “smart” everything and a consistent Internet connection.

Find the right remote control application. Now that we have learned about the infrared blaster, let’s take a look at the remote control application you can use.

Android TV remote control

If your Android phone is infrared compatible by default, it may already have an official application to control your TV. This Android remote control application may be pre installed on your phone. However, if this is not the case, we have some remote application suggestions for you.

Remote Application Suggestions

  • Anymote Universal

Our first suggestion is any generic. This paid app is suitable for Android and IOS, and has infrared and Wi Fi compatibility. Unfortunately, it does not apply to Sony TV and Sony mobile phones.

This powerful remote editor can absolutely control any smart device or media player, and its functions can be enhanced through many smart functions. It can also work on your local network as Samsung smart TV remote control, Philips smart TV remote control, Amazon fire TV remote control, Yamaha and Denon AVR remote control, roku remote control and Boxee remote control. So say goodbye to each individual app!

Another good choice is a unified TV application, which is compatible with Android, IOS and windows phones. Although it is not a free application, it is very cheap and easy to use. According to the application description and customer comments, it is one of the most fluent remote applications.

However, please make sure the application is compatible with your TV brand. For example, it works well with Samsung TV and LG TV, and claims to provide more than 80 device specific remote controls.

  • Twinone Universal TV Remote Control

This android app is completely free and can only be used with infrared blasters. The twinone app claims to work with a variety of smart TVs and other devices, including but not limited to Samsung TVs, Panasonic TVs and LG TVs. However, because it is only infrared compatible, it can only be used with specific mobile phones.

How to Control TV Through WiFi?

Have you considered using WiFi instead of infrared? This will be an easier choice because all mobile phones have WiFi and Bluetooth. Some applications use WiFi to control your TV and other devices. Other devices can receive Bluetooth signals and send them to WiFi. At this time, the natural process of all devices is to connect to WiFi. WiFi is almost normal now. WiFi is everywhere. Signals from all devices and routers create a home network. These WiFi signals will be combined to form a smart house. Some people may think that this is a kind of interference, which may be the reason why they want to use infrared controller instead of WiFi.

From applications to hardware, we hope this will at least help you. Search for external infrared blasters in app stores and e-commerce stores. At the end of the day, you will decide which is your best choice. A good day.

You can find external infrared blasters in any online hardware store of your choice.

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