Shut Eye App Review 2022 – Is It Worth It?

Shut Eye App

Sleep software can help us easily fall asleep at night when it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep. Shut Eye App is such a software, which can also well monitor our sleep quality. Users using the Shut Eye App can help them fall asleep in about 15 minutes. When we are in the cycle of insomnia, it is easy to let my emotions prevail and fall into the vortex of shame. At this time, the Shut Eye App can compare the user’s sleep data with other users, so that users can see that my sleep habits deviate from the normal level.

What is the Shut Eye App?

Shut Eye App is a software that helps you relax at night and sleep on time. This application will be recommended to all people who have difficulty sleeping. When you need to sleep, you may spend a lot of time thinking in bed. People usually don’t like staying up late, but because of some problems, they can’t get the amount of sleep they need.

When taking drugs for these purposes seems unhealthy, using the Shut Eye App seems to be the best choice.

Main Features of Shut Eye App

  • Valid results.
  • You can change the settings according to your preferences.
  • A variety of sleep music and other functions.
  • Pricing and planning

Shut Eye App has no option of monthly or quarterly payment. Instead, it requires you to pay once a year. You need to pay $59.99 a year to use all VIP functions of shuteye sleep tracker.

How Does Shut Eye App Work?

The Shut Eye App sends sonar waves from your phone to measure your breathing and any sound, so as to track light, depth and rapid eye movement sleep, and identify when you wake up at night. The Shut Eye App sets a sleep score and adds an objective number to your sleep quality to help set better sleep goals. To use sonar technology, you must insert the phone above the mattress level and point the bottom of the phone at you (this may depend on your bedroom settings).

The Shut Eye App can be used on IOS and Android. The free version of the application includes many functions, such as sleep tracking, smart alarm clock, goal setting, light and sound monitoring, pre sleep reminder, sleep score and seven day sleep recording. You can track the sleep history of the Shut Eye App indefinitely, view your sleep pattern chart, sleep guidance, and doctor’s reports. These reports will point out your sleep problems, and you can bring these problems to your medical professionals. In general, if you are looking for a comprehensive sleep tracking application, the Shut Eye App has all the features you need to fully understand sleep patterns.

Can I Use the Shut Eye App with Pets at Home?

If you suspect that you may have sleep apnea, the Shut Eye App is a good tool for collecting information. However, the Shut Eye App may not be suitable for people who sleep with their partners or animals. On my first night using the app, shuteye recorded four hours of deep snoring and warned me that I might need to see a doctor. However, when I played back the recording the next morning, I realized that the application detected the snore of my bulldog and mistook it for my own snore. I don’t recommend using Shut Eye App instead of professional medical advice, but it’s a good way to learn more about sleep habits. By bringing this information to your doctor, you can save valuable time diagnosing potential problems.

How Accurate is the Shut Eye App?

Researchers compared the Shut Eye App with many other sleep trackers on the market and found that the performance of Shut Eye App reached 90% in terms of accuracy.

What is the Best Sleep Tracker?

There are many sleep trackers available, and they are not one size fits all. Shuteye is a great choice for people to find a cheap user-friendly choice. However, this may not be good for people who sleep with their partners or pets, because microphones may integrate their voices into personal sleep data. If you are looking for something that can only detect your experience, you can consider buying a wearable sleep tracker, such as Oura smart ring or Fitbit.

Is Shut Eye Sleep Tracker Free?

Shuteye provides a free version of the application, but for best results, you need to purchase an upgraded version. Download a free trial and test it for a week. If you like, you can enjoy all the benefits for only $59.99 a year.

How bad is it if you sleep less, say 4 to 5 hours or less? Want to change? How about trying shuteye sleep tracker to make your daily life healthier? In this busy world, you are prone to insomnia for many reasons. Using sleep means more than just a few problems. If your luck is not around you, these problems may cause the biggest problems that may cost you your life.

Is Shut Eye App worth It?

As we all know, Shut Eye App is the best sleep tracking application. The Shut Eye App is currently at the top of the list or the best sleep tracking app. According to customers’ comments, the Shut Eye App will soon improve. After a long day, you will be able to relax and go to deep sleep. You’ll get the sleep you deserve.


If you are considering whether to use the shuteye app, we have something to say – the above comments on the shuteye app are based on 60% of what shuteye’s current or past users have said. The Shut Eye App is very helpful in reality. It doesn’t seem to be from any perspective. From a shuteye sleep review comment under the apple store app, the person said – shuteye app is great! If you find it difficult to sleep on time, it will be very helpful. With the help of the sleep music of the Shut Eye App, you will sleep well, and you will soon enter deep sleep when lying in bed. If you sleep less and less, such as 4 to 5 hours a day, using the Shut Eye App will definitely help you change this habit

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