Muscle Booster App Review 2023 – Does It Really Work?

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To help men feel amazing as well as look amazing, the fitness app Muscle Booster Workout Planner was created on a subscription basis. The app has recently experienced significant growth in popularity, as evidenced by the thousands of 5-star reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars that have been posted to the app store (impressive!).

Men with different levels of experience who want a great user experience, a wide variety of exercises, and workout plans that emphasize strength will love Muscle Booster. Muscle Booster, however, lacks a search/filter function for discovery and offers only very basic nutritional plans and guidance for complete beginners.

We downloaded the Muscle Booster app, started working out, and researched the company behind the platform. Today, we’ll weigh the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide if it’s the right investment for you.

Product Overview

This specific Muscle Booster app was created by A.L Amazing Apps Limited to assist you in gaining muscle or losing weight. It focuses on exercises you can perform at home. There are exercises both with and without the necessary equipment, so it makes no difference if you have it.

The first step is to inform the application of your goals. Following that, it shares various exercise regimens you can try. For further parameter adjustment, you can choose which muscle groups you want to concentrate on.

Anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass or lose extra weight will benefit from the platform. To help you understand how to complete the exercises, the detailed instructions include pictures. In case you need more information, there are videos as well.

Overall, if you’re willing to pay the subscription fee, it’s a great app for working out at home. There are various membership tiers, localized currencies, and prices.

How Much Does a Muscle Booster Membership Cost?

Muscle Booster has at least once altered their pricing strategy, with the cost appearing to rise over time.

So how much does a Muscle Booster subscription currently run?

A Muscle Booster subscription currently ranges in price from $5.99 to $19.99 USD per month, depending on how long you commit to using it.

They have at least four different membership options, including:

  • Month to Month
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Annual Commitment
  • Lifetime Access

It’s important to note that Muscle Booster does not offer a free trial. So, if you just want to give it a try, we recommend going with a month-to-month membership so you can evaluate the app and decide if it’s the right fit before committing to a longer time frame.

Muscle Booster App Features Review

For the meat of our Muscle Booster review, I’ll walk you through each feature. I’ll demonstrate their functions and your advantages.

Workout Plans Based on Goals

There are two primary goals you can choose between when you begin, namely, muscle gain and weight loss. Other goals include enhancing your strength, changing how you look in general, and improving your health, though this one stands out as the most important.

You’ll also find challenges for your plans, such as cutting out sugar or processed food. The workouts change every week, preventing you from becoming bored or your muscles from becoming used to the same type of training.

Target Muscle Groups

Being able to select the muscles I want to train was another thrilling feature I loved. It gave me a chance to improve where I’ve always felt like I need to work on my abs and chest. You’ll get a new workout schedule for the goal as soon as you decide on one.

You can choose what muscles you want to target in addition to how you want to train them. For instance, you can bulk up, add more bulk, or cut back on them. If it’s your first time using an exercise plan, choosing the beginner mode will prevent injuries even though it might take you a little longer to reach your goals.

Updates and Progression

I’m sure a lot of you had the same thought as me: sign up for the first week, download the workouts, and use them as long as you like. Updated plans that are connected to your progress are where the subscription adds value.

You’ll begin with the fundamental strategy, giving you the first few weeks to get accustomed to the system. Your calendar is updated with new training as you advance to more difficult levels. This feature allowed me to track my progress, so I thought it would make the Muscle Booster app review the most fruitful.

The training tutorials were my absolute favorite. Even at the gym, there are some exercises I’ve never heard of. While I could easily research these terms on the internet, it helps that there are videos and flashcards showing how it’s done.

It is truly impressive that there are more than 450 workout items with videos. They demonstrate each move and step in detail, making it possible to build muscle effectively and safely.

Muscle Booster App

What Do I Get With a Muscle Booster Membership?

A Muscle Booster membership will gain you access to:

  • Personalised Training Program
  • 200+ On-demand Workouts
  • Extensive Meal Plans
  • Health Kit To Boost Muscle And More.

Pros and Cons

No matter where you’re working out, it pays to have a look at the pros and cons in this Muscle Booster app review. I’ll give you a quick rundown of what I liked and disliked

Progressive workout plansNo free trial
Can be used at home or gymNo option to restart your workout plan
You don’t need equipment
Focus on each muscle group
Includes training videos
Subscription price is reasonable for its value

What We Like About Muscle Booster

User Friendly

Smooth and user-friendly, Muscle Booster.

Great Range of Workouts

If you want to challenge yourself, Muscle Booster has a wide selection of at-home and in-gym body weight exercises.

Good for All Skill Levels

Muscle Booster is able to serve both more experienced users and beginners due to the combination of various exercise styles, gym workouts, and at-home workouts.

Muscle Booster Limitations

Limited Guidance in Workouts

Beginners or users who need a little more one-on-one coaching may find it challenging because there isn’t much audio direction or technical cueing during each workout.

Basic Nutritional Plan

The daily meal plans were straightforward and simple to follow, but they lacked food preference customization and did not include a breakdown of calories or macronutrients, making it challenging to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

No Search Function

On the tabs for workouts, insights, and the daily menu, Muscle Booster is missing a search bar. Finding the exercises or the resources you’re looking for becomes challenging as a result.

Muscle Booster: the Bottom Line

A fitness app with a subscription model called Muscle Booster Workout Planner was created to help men feel as good as they look.

Users of all skill levels can use Muscle Booster, a slick and user-friendly app.

It is a fantastic training tool for beginners as well as more advanced users due to the combination of tailored daily workouts across a variety of training styles, home and gym workouts.

To keep your diet under control, they also have daily meal plans.

Muscle Booster has some restrictions, though. There isn’t much instruction provided during the exercises, which could make it difficult for some users to keep up.

It’s also challenging to find the precise resources you’re looking for because the nutritional plan lacks customization options and the app doesn’t have a search function.

Nevertheless, for anyone looking for assistance gaining mass or shedding pounds, Muscle Booster is still a fantastic choice.


How Does Muscle Booster App Work?

Based on your goals and personal information, their clever algorithm will suggest a customized workout schedule.

Is Muscle Booster App Free?

It costs nothing at all to download Muscle Booster. But you need a subscription to use it further.

How Much Does Muscle Booster App Cost?

Depending on your country, the cost of the Muscle Booster app may change.

How Do I Cancel Muscle Booster App Subscription?

You need to delete Muscle Booster from your iTunes or Google Play Store.

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