Does Dairy Queen (DQ) Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now accepted almost everywhere that sells Dairy Queen (DQ). Although Dairy Queen may appear to be just a straightforward hamburger stand with excellent ice cream, they keep up with current payment trends.

The ability to pay by the quickest and safest method is good news for all Apple users. This feature is available both in-store and through the drive-thru at Dairy Queen.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows you to make purchases without a physical card using your Apple Wallet app. One of the many available mobile wallets is Apple Wallet. The most popular mobile wallet is Apple Wallet, but it can only be used with Apple products.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay are two additional well-liked mobile wallets for users who favor non-Apple products. If you prefer Google Pay to Apple Wallet, you can download it on your Apple device, but most mobile wallets have features that are essentially the same across the board.

Near-field communication (NFC) is the technology that powers all mobile wallets. When two compatible devices are close enough to each other, NFC technology enables wireless communication between them. The two devices connect automatically, and it is somewhat comparable to Bluetooth technology but with a much smaller range.

Can I Use Apple Pay At Dairy Queen In 2022?

In many Dairy Queen locations as of 2022, Apple Pay is accepted thanks to updated payment systems and software. The key factor is each franchise location. For instance, it’s possible that some locations haven’t upgraded their systems. Ask the restaurant if they accept Apple Pay by giving them a call.

You should be able to access your Apple wallet when paying at Dairy Queen (DQ) by double-clicking your iPhone’s home or power button, depending on the model.

If you have set up both, you should also be able to choose between Apple Cash and your standard debit card. To use the payment system, all you need to do is hold your phone close to the screen or scanner.

How Do I Use Apple Pay To Pay At Dairy Queen (DQ)?

1. Download the Dairy Queen (DQ) App

Initially, download the Dairy Queen app from the App store.

2. Open Apple Wallet App

For the best outcomes, you must open the Apple Wallet app beforehand. When your phone connects to the credit card terminal, it will open the app automatically if you don’t. You will need to use your phone’s security features, such as fingerprint ID, face recognition, or a passcode, in order to open the app. If someone can’t open your phone, they can’t access your mobile wallet.

3. Verify Card

Verify the card you intend to use as soon as the app is open. If your wallet contains numerous cards or outdated cards, it is especially crucial that you do this. The card number for your card will be displayed. If you want to use a different card as your backup payment method, you will also be given the chance to do so quickly.

4. Swipe Phone Near CC Terminal

When you’re prepared, position your phone close to the credit card reader. Although NFC technology can function up to a few feet away, it functions best when used close-up. Hold it four to six inches away from the terminal. Your phone and the credit card terminal should both confirm that a connection has been made at this point.

5. Finalize Payment

You might need to sign or enter a PIN occasionally. You might also be required to respond to a few questions. Continue with the remaining steps of the payment process until it is finished.

Dairy Queen

Is It Possible to Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay?

Apple will give you cashback if you use the Apple Pay Card and the merchants accept it. You are eligible to receive the cashback as many times as you transact, and there are no transactional restrictions. You can earn up to 3% cashback on each transaction. Look up the specific terms and conditions on the Apple website.

Why Would You Use Apple Pay At Dairy Queen (DQ)?

In an effort to facilitate simple transactions for customers, Apple and Dairy Queen (DQ) have been collaborating.

  • You can get discounts by integrating your debit card with Apple Pay for convenience and savings.
  • Due to Apple Pay’s high level of security, carrying numerous cards is not necessary.
  • They no longer need to use as much cash thanks to Apple Pay, which also significantly shortens their checkout lines.
  • Apple Pay enables one-click payments.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Google Wallet Or Paypal?

Apple Pay is accepted at Dairy Queen (DQ), but neither PayPal nor Google Wallet is. The company does, however, accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards, and store gift cards. Check the website of the particular establishment for more information to learn if Apple Pay is accepted there. The majority of shops will have a list of the payments they accept. If Apple Pay isn’t listed, it might not be available at this merchant. Or, to find out what payment methods are accepted at a store close to you, you can use store locator tools like the one offered by Dairy Queen.


Due to the way Dairy Queen (DQ) stores are run, different locations may or may not accept Apple Pay. You can live cash- and card-free life with Apple Pay since it serves as your primary wallet.

In our experience, most places accept Apple Pay, but you should call ahead to confirm or have a backup method of payment.

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