How to Hide Apps on Samsung Galaxy A10e?

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Galaxy A10e

When we own a Samsung Galaxy a10e, how should we hide the downloaded programs? This guide will introduce you to several ways to hide application. Please continue reading! There are several ways to hide the application icon, depending on whether you no longer want to see the application on the main screen of Samsung Galaxy a10e or want to hide the application in order to hide it. How to use Samsung Galaxy a10e to hide applications? Here, you will see how to deactivate the application, uninstall the application, or remove it from the main screen. Second, you will see how to hide applications on Android phones while keeping them active.

How to Hide Applications on Samsung Galaxy A10e?

As we have just explained to you, because our smart phones store various functions and sensitive data, they must have a certain degree of security. In order to protect sensitive business data or your privacy, it is your right not to let your loved ones know what you are doing on the Samsung Galaxy a10. Therefore, we will start this tutorial by teaching you how to hide applications on the Samsung Galaxy a10.

In fact, we can find several ways to hide apps on Android phones, depending on your goal. We will show you different ways.

  • Delete the application from the homepage of Samsung Galaxy a10e

According to your phone, you can delete the icon of the application from the receiving end. To deactivate this icon, simply press and hold the icon, and you will be asked whether you want to delete it from the home page. This operation can only be carried out on some mobile phones.

Hide apps by completely removing them from your phone

To stop seeing the application, you can uninstall it completely. If you no longer need it, it makes no sense to put it in your Samsung Galaxy a10. Unused applications will consume the phone’s memory.

  • Disable the application on Samsung Galaxy a10e

You don’t want to uninstall the application because it may be useful to you in the future. You just need to enter the settings of Samsung Galaxy A10, click on the application and select the application to be deactivated to deactivate it. Then click deactivate.

  • Use the launcher to hide applications on Android phones

You will be able to install a brand new transmitter in the Samsung Galaxy a10e, such as Nova launcher. The launcher is an application launcher, or equivalent to the desktop on Android. You can go to Google playstore to install Nova launcher. This application allows you to modify all reception of Samsung Galaxy a10. It also allows you to hide applications on the receiving side. You can also modify the icon or the news feed. After activating the launcher, go to the drawer and click hidden applications to check the applications you don’t want to see on the home screen without deleting them.

How to Hide Photos or Videos of Samsung Galaxy A10e?

For information about hiding photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy a10e, please follow the instructions below. In fact, you are looking for sensitive elements hidden in Android smartphones. Some photos or videos should be private. Your application can hide pictures or videos on the Samsung Galaxy a10. However, be careful. If these photos are deleted from these applications, sometimes they may not be restored. The fotox application provided on Google playstore will allow you to protect photos or videos on the Samsung Galaxy a10. You will have a private and secure Gallery cloud. You will be able to identify a code or scheme to protect access to files. Your image or video will be encrypted. You know if someone tried to login with unauthorized access. However, applications cannot be hidden. Lockmypix can be used to protect your personal photos and videos. If you misplace your smartphone or don’t want your spouse to access photo albums, photos or videos, lockmypick will come in handy. Photos and videos of Samsung Galaxy A10 will be encrypted and hidden. Access will be encrypted with a pin, fingerprint, or password. The application may be returned as invisible. In addition to the above two methods, you can also choose to hide the images and videos on the Samsung Galaxy A10 behind the application calculator vault. You can access these files by entering the pin code into the calculator.

The Best App to Hide Applications on Samsung Galaxy A10e

App hider is an application that allows you to hide applications without using a launcher. Please refer to the following tutorial on hidden applications:

  • Go to application hide
  • Second, click+
  • Then click the application you want to hide
  • Click the green bar (hidden / double) when importing
  • Application icon import application hide
  • Click the icon for the import application
  • If you want to hide the application, click Hide

Ensure duality: you can decide to hide one application behind another icon. For example, hide tinder behind calculator applications. You need to activate your PIN

How Do I Know Someone is Watching Me?

You can use certain applications to determine whether you are being monitored. Depending on your goal, the application will be different. For example, if you find a hidden application on your Samsung Galaxy a10e, who can monitor you. However, if you want to know if someone picked up your phone behind your back without your permission, you can download an app. If someone takes your mobile phone and enters the wrong code or chart, we will secretly take photos and send them by email or notice. You may not know, but now it is possible to turn your Samsung Galaxy A10 into a real computer. You can even do word processing, use spreadsheets, and monitor your home remotely. Inevitably, our Android smartphones can achieve many impressive functions, so a high level of security is essential. This is the topic we are going to discuss today. We will show you how to display hidden applications on the Samsung Galaxy a10.

What is the Significance of Hiding Applications on Samsung Galaxy A10?

The main motivation for people to hide applications on the Samsung Galaxy A10 is that they don’t want to lend their mobile phones to their loved ones. For example, they know they are using an application. We don’t necessarily like using dating apps, gambling apps… Others do this because they want to clean up their application list and delete all applications they don’t have. of no avail. It depends on the motivation you see, which drives you to hide an application that you now want to display on your Samsung Galaxy a10.

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How to Uncover the Hidden Applications on Samsung Galaxy A10e?

Finally, we will find the most subtle program, how to show hidden applications on Samsung Galaxy a10e? If you are not the author, this method is almost impossible to achieve. As we showed you in the previous section, the application used to camouflage content is itself camouflaged (for example, displaying a pin code in the form of a calculator). Therefore, it is impossible to pass these security levels… On the other hand, if you are the person who hides this application and want to decrypt it to use it, we will show you how to do this on the application Concealer:

Click the calculator icon and enter the pin code to open the application and hide the application

Find the application to be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A10 in the application list

Click application and confirm the program

Now, you can find the application you have hidden in the phone list.

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