How To Charge My Apple Watch Without Charger?

12. How To Charge My Apple Watch Without Charger1

Working from home was a difficult challenge for many people over the past year because it was challenging to concentrate. When your iPhone or Mac is buzzing nonstop with notifications, it can be challenging to get anything done.

Thankfully, it is still possible to charge your Apple Watch even if you don’t have a large charger with you. Therefore, keep reading this guide to learn how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

When it comes to smart technology, the Apple Watch is tough to beat. Using the Apple Watch’s user-friendly interface, stylish appearance, and cutting-edge style, you can maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Everything that can be done with an Apple watch is done by touching or clicking. But maintaining it is more crucial, and doing so depends heavily on charging it on time.

You want to know how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. You are present for that reason. Let’s investigate this’s past.

Utilizing the Apple Watch’s hidden port is the first method. The bottom band’s clasp slot is where the port is situated. Lifting a small cap reveals a six-pin port.

A hidden port on the Apple Watch that could be used to increase its battery life without a charger was being discussed back in 2015. By removing your watch strap and looking for a pinhole, you can locate this port.

A strap that charges the watch wirelessly while it is on your wrist is produced by a company by the name of Reserve Strap.

With the battery band, which was created by the Reserve Strap, you can wear your watch while simultaneously charging your phone. Conductive charging can boost the watch’s charge by 6% or 7% using the diagnostic port.

However, as soon as Apple learned about it, they halted the project out of concern that it would harm their product. Nobody wanted to overheat or cause an electrical hazard. Along with not wanting their customers who tamper with their products, the Apple company does not like it when people do it.

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Alternative Apple Watch Power Chargers

You must find a different way to charge your watch if the hidden port is not an option for you. Without using the charger, there are alternative ways to charge your watch. These include:

Use An iPhone Charger

The first way to charge your Apple Watch without a charger is to use an iPhone charger. You probably have a charger you can use if you own an iPhone.

Connect the other end of the charger to your Apple Watch before plugging it into the wall. The watch will start charging right away.

The Usb Charger

Your Mac or laptop as well as any USB charger can be connected using this option. As well as having a USB connection, it is more practical than a standard cable.

It’s portable and convenient. These can be attached to your bag or other keys or serve as keychains when you’re on the go.

Many people don’t want to carry around extra gear, but this is a great backup plan in case you leave the charging cable at home.

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Use Hidden Port Trick

Well, let’s first learn about the history of this if you have an Apple Watch and want to know how to charge it without a charger.

Soon after the Apple Watch’s debut, a secret port was found in the bottom band.

A six-pin port that seems to be inactive is visible after the cap is removed.

However, it will be useful to Apple specialists if you experience watch-related issues. Apple establishes a connection to this diagnostic port in order to set up and improve the Apple Watch software.

In 2015, when some people realized the port could do more than that, it had also demonstrated its ability to charge your watch more quickly. In the meantime, Reserve Strap developed the first battery band for the Apple Watch with the intention of making this a reality. This band allowed you to charge your device while wearing your watch.

They were able to show that the watch charged 6-7% faster using conductive charging through the diagnostic port than it would have with the standard Apple Watch charger.

Use A Portable Battery Pack

Your Apple Watch can be charged using a portable power bank if you have one. When your watch needs to be charged but you don’t have a charger on hand, these battery packs, which are growing in popularity, can save your life.

Simply connect a battery pack to your Apple Watch using the included charging cable to start using it. The watch will then start to charge the battery pack.

Is It Practically Possible To Charge Your Apple Watch Without A Charger?

If you don’t have an Apple Watch charger, you can charge it. Below are some of the strategies you can use to achieve this; however, you’ll need to use your imagination to make it work. When the battery is low, your Apple watch will display a red lightning bolt symbol.

It must be charged as a result of this. However, be careful not to overcharge your watch. You need the right tools to charge your Apple Watch. The procedure isn’t difficult, but novices might find it difficult.

How Can I Charge My Apple Watch Series Without A Charger?

Without a charger, your Apple watch cannot be charged. As previously mentioned, there is an (outdated) trick: if you have an older watch model, you could attach a battery band to it. However, a charging pad would still be required for the strap. If you don’t want to go the extra mile, just set your smartwatch on this pad. MagSafe is the most widely used charging pad among all those available.

They function like power banks if you own an older Apple watch and are interested in purchasing one of these unique straps. They must be connected to the secret six-pin port located where the bottom band fastens to the watch body.


As you can see from the discussion above, we covered how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading and found this article to be useful.

Your Apple Watch can only be charged without a charger by using the hidden port. You can charge your watch using a USB charger, iPhone charger, or portable battery pack in addition to the hidden port.

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