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WhatsApp is used all over the world to transfer media files and connect people. It is the best instant messenger because of its user interface and cutting-edge features. You can easily discover someone’s true personality by simply hacking WhatsApp, or you can monitor someone’s activity for security reasons.

Is it actually possible, you ask? The ability to view anyone’s WhatsApp data is now possible thanks to modern technology and advancements. This article is a review of the WhatsApp sniffer and spy tool to describe if this tool is reliable or not.

What Is the WhatsApp Sniffer?

Sniffer is an Android app that works as a convenient online noticeboard where users can look for lost items or report them. Through this app, you can return an item to its owner if you found it and want to. With Sniffer, you have the option of reporting the lost item quickly while keeping your identity, whereabouts, and contact information private. It is also important to note that this app is a gem because of its user-friendly interface and is great for searching for or reporting lost items. Most people no longer return lost items because doing so is too time-consuming or difficult, despite the fact that many people find lost items.

Since this sniffer WhatsApp is available in more than 17 languages, users from all over the world can use it. To prevent them from learning that you are monitoring their WhatsApp, you also don’t need to physically take away their phones. Despite being an android app, a Whatsapp sniffer can also be used on Windows or the iPhone to spy on someone.

How To Download Whatsapp Sniffer App?

The 20 MB WhatsApp sniffer app states that it is available in various updated versions. For Android devices, root access is also required. But there isn’t a straightforward way to install it. The Whatsapp sniffer for iOS or Android is not readily available online. Additionally, it lacks an official website.

The free WhatsApp sniffer v1.03 apk download is available online, but it doesn’t function at all. Many websites make claims when you search online, but when you click on the link, it displays a “danger” status. There is no way to obtain it, but do not worry—we have given you the best substitute.

How To Use Sniffer App?

Now let’s examine Sniffer’s usage and assess how user-friendly it is. How effective is this app at finding lost items and letting users know when they’ve been found? It is very simple to use; when a user launches Sniffer, it shows items that have recently been reported from a main database. If, however, there are no recently reported items, you are then taken to the home screen, where you can choose to Report Lost items, Report Found items, or View Noticeboard.

You will be taken to a new screen with two tabs, Live Board and Category, when you select View Noticeboard. The Live Board lists every item that has recently been reported by other users, starting with the most recent report and working backwards. It is preferable to look for items in categories to make searching more convenient. Simply select the Categories tab, or you can tap the icons positioned on the right side of the home screen.

What Can I Do With Sniffer?

Sniffer offers more than 40 monitoring features for android target devices and 18 features for ios target devices. With this spy app, you can do much more than just keep an eye on WhatsApp; instead, Sniffer gives you a wonderful and successful spying experience. It provides the public with a number of important features, including:

  • WhatsApp monitoring – You can keep track of all WhatsApp content on the target devices with Sniffer. You can view WhatsApp contacts, chats, shared or received files, videos, audios, voice notes, and more.
  • GPS tracking – You can easily track the GPS location of your target person’s phone using Sniffer. Additionally, it has a geofencing feature that allows you to confine your target to a certain area and receive instant notifications whenever the person enters or exits.
  • Keylogger – Additionally, it has a Keylogger feature that records every keystroke the target person makes. You can learn passwords that have been set by your target person by using this feature.
  • Call monitoring – You can easily find out who called, how long the calls lasted, and other information because Sniffer records all call details.
  • Text messages – You are able to see all sent and received text messages on the target device by using Sniffer. You can view deleted messages with its assistance, too.


If you want to report lost items about Sniffer, it is also very simple to do so. Simply enter the information regarding the item you found is all that is required. The information includes category, description, location, and method of contact. Of course, returning a priceless item to its owner also merits a reward, so in addition to the specifics, you also get to specify the kind of reward you are hoping to receive or are prepared to offer. You only need to click the Submit item button to proceed.

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