5 Best Golf GPS Apps – 2023 Buying Guide

11. 5 Best Golf GPS Apps

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the top golf GPS app for your phone. In this guide, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best golf GPS apps for you.

Quick List for Best Golf GPS Apps:

  • Best Overall Golf GPS App: SwingU Golf GPS App
  • Best Value For Money Golf GPS App: Golfshot Golf GPS App
  • Best Affordable Golf GPS App: Skydroid Golf GPS
  • Best Golf GPS App For Putting: GolfLogix Golf GPS
  • Best Free Golf GPS App: Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scorecard

Overall Best Golf GPS App: SwingU Golf GPS App

1.SwingU Golf GPS App

SwingU is the provider of our selection for the top golf GPS app overall. Over 5 million golfers use the app, which is compatible with all courses in the world. On courses in the USA, Canada, the UK, South Africa, and Argentina, I have tried it. It has performed as expected across the board, making it one of the most popular golf apps in the world.


  • Advanced free features
  • GPS rangefinder works on every course in the world
  • Strokes gained analysis gives you insight into all areas of your game from tee to green
  • Adjustable power usage to save battery and data when you are on the course
  • Coaching tips and instructions


  • Banner adverts on the free version
  • Basic digital scorecard on the free version
  • Accuracy of measurement to the exact location of the flag

Features and Benefits

GPS Rangefinder

Even the most dedicated golfers would be impressed by the advanced GPS rangefinder features offered by the SwingU premium version of the app.

You can turn off tournament mode during non-tournament rounds to get distance readings that account for the current wind speed and the elevation of your shot. As a result, the application can provide you with “plays like yardages.”

You can gauge the distance of your shots using the rangefinder in this app. Depending on the amount of data available, it will accurately suggest which club to use based on your historical average distances.

Adjustable Target

The measurement accuracy to the pin has been one drawback of Golf GPS products. The gadgets tell you how far away the front, center, and back of the green are, as well as the distance to any water hazards or bunkers. To get a more precise read on the current pin locations and layup points, you can move the pin on your target in the SwingU app.

The readings from the golf tracking applications are improved by this feature. But unlike a laser rangefinder, it won’t tell you the exact distance to your target, down to the last yard.

You have more control than with older GPS devices thanks to the ability to change your target. It was especially helpful for layup attempts on doglegs and blind holes, in my opinion.

The adjustable target function will make it easy for you to stick it on the dance floor, though serious golfers may prefer more exact measurements.

Digital Scorecard

This application includes a feature for a digital scorecard, as has become commonplace in the market. Along with recording your strokes for each hole, you can also note whether you hit the fairway or rough off the tee, how many putts you made, how many bunker shots you took, and any penalties you committed.

A hole insights feature on the digital scorecard allows you to assess how you fared against other golfers in the SwingU network on each hole.

Versus Mode

In-depth analysis from tee to green is provided by SwingU’s strokes gained analysis feature versus mode. A handicap is provided for every aspect of your game by the app’s algorithm after it analyzes the data for your hand. This enables you to decide what you need to practice on the range the following time.

Versus mode features a variety of drills and lessons from top-notch golf coaches. They are made to support you as you improve the weaker areas of your game.

Pricing and Packages

Two packages are available from SwingU. There are two versions: the Premium version and the Free for Life version.

If you pay in full, the premium subscription costs $59.99 per year; otherwise, it costs $9.99 per month.


The SwingU app’s free-for-life version has enough basic features to satisfy the majority of golfers. Having said that, the Premium edition’s variety of features and services make the $59.99 yearly cost well worth it. One of the top golf apps for Apple Watches, as well. In reality, the app is your virtual caddie and is made to help you play better overall.

Best Value for Money Golf GPS App: Golfshot Golf GPS App

2.Golfshot Golf GPS App

The most value for your money in terms of the price of upgradeable features is provided by Golfshot. The Golfshot pro edition has many of the same features as their rivals’ products but is significantly less expensive.

Due to this, we named Golfshot the best golf GPS app overall.


  • Free version
  • Augmented reality delivers distances to hazards in realtime
  • Post scores from the app directly to your GHIN account
  • Book tee times from the app
  • Tee to green statistics even on the free version


  • Banner adverts on the free version
  • Flyovers on the free version don’t provide any distances
  • Cannot adjust target on the free version
  • Does not work on all courses
  • No monthly subscription option

Features and Benefits

GPS Distances

The only information offered by the Golfshot GPS app’s free version is the distance to the green’s center.

The pro version provides you with the green, recommended layup points, and distances to hazards. The Golfshot rangefinder measures the distance of your shots and recommends which club to use, similar to the SwingU app.

Last but not least, Golfshot has added a pan targets feature to the app that enables you to zoom into your target for a more precise measurement.

Flyover Preview

You can see a flyover of the entire hole, from tee to green, on each hole. The hole layout is displayed in 3D but no qualitative information is offered in the free version.

In the professional version, distance readings are provided to the suggested target areas on the hole. This has helped me control my distance and helped me plan my hole.

Digital Scorecard

By allowing you to connect your GHIN number to the app, Golfshot has made the lives of its users more convenient. You can then directly post your scores to your handicap index as a result of this.


You can get a variety of discounts from the brand’s partners when you subscribe to Golfshot Pro. Spend less on golf balls, swing analysis, and green fees with your chosen partners.

Pricing and Packages

Three different subscription plans are offered for the Golfshot GPS app. the Ultimate Combo, Pro, and Free.

The user-friendly features in the free package include the distance to the green’s center. You can also schedule tee times through the app.

You can switch to a Pro account if the free version doesn’t meet your needs. This includes the thorough features that we briefly discussed earlier, which cost $39.99 annually.

The premium version’s features, tutorials, and advice are included in the combo subscription. This is meant to improve your playing. You will be charged $59.98 annually for this service.


It is encouraging to see an app with free, moderately priced, and premium subscription tiers. Comparing it to other golf GPS apps, the free version is basic, but upgrading is inexpensive and well worth the money for the features.

Best Affordable Golf GPS App: Skydroid Golf GPS

3.Skydroid Golf GPS

The most affordable golf GPS app I’ve ever used is Skydroid. Even though it’s an older option, it still completes the task much more affordably than any of its rivals.


  • Most affordable app on the market
  • GPS distance to the front, center, and back of the green
  • Map any course not currently in the database
  • Shot distance tracker


  • Outdated interface
  • Wind speed and slope not factored into distance reading
  • Inaccurate on courses with limited map data

Features and Benefits

GPS Distances

Sand traps, hazards, and the front, middle, and back of the green are all indicated by the Skydroid GPS. While this is effective for the typical golfer who wants to place the ball close to the green. More accurate measurements are probably preferred by better players.

Course Maps

You have access to an unlimited number of satellite course maps after paying the app’s one-time subscription fee. Your smartphone’s storage capacity is the only restriction.

Pricing and Packages

For a one-time fee of $1.99, the Skydroid app gives you access to unlimited course maps and provides basic distances to hazards and the green. It will only cost you an extra $1 once if you want the synchronized feature to automatically upload your scores to the Skydroid website. Due to this, Skydroid is the most effective golf distance app for low-cost cloud scorekeeping.


The Skydroid app is the most affordable golf GPS, but you get what you pay for. It is a straightforward design that gives the typical golfer distance readings around the course. It fulfills its purpose and serves as a great entry-level option for the price.

Best Golf GPS App for Putting: GolfLogix Golf GPS

4.GolfLogix Golf GPS

This golf GPS app is most suitable for players who require help with their putting reads. The app’s unique selling point is its ability to provide precise breaks and distance reads from your ball to the cup, even though it will assist you in getting from the tee to the green.


  • Gives reads on putts
  • Free trial with pro features
  • Turn tournament mode on and off
  • Shot distance tracker
  • Covers 35,000 courses worldwide


  • Ads in the free version
  • Putt breaks and approach maps not available for all courses
  • Only one free round with pro features
  • Aerial imagery option on the free version is basic

Features and Benefits

GPS Distances

Golflogix GPS is among the top golf GPS apps because it gives you measurements to any point on the fairway, green, bunker, and water hazards.

You can get detailed information about the angles in and around the green from the app’s 3D birds approach maps. This increases your accuracy and distance control around the greens, increasing your chances of making a birdie.

Your aim will be guided by the putt line feature of this app, which also shows you how the ball will break. This is useful for increasing one putts and decreasing unwanted three putts.

Digital Scorecard

The app allows you to input a variety of data about how you performed on each hole, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your overall game. I appreciate that this feature is offered in the app’s free version, and I thought the analysis was helpful. Because of this, it’s among the best free golf course apps available.

Enter your score, putts made, greens in regulation, fairways traveled, driving distance, greenside bunkers, pitches, chips, penalties, and missed putts after every hole.

Customize Your Golf Bag

You can customize your golf bag, which will keep track of the distances of your shots with each club, after downloading and configuring this app. This will help you control your distance better with all of your clubs, from the driver to the putter. Click on the appropriate club, then choose the manufacturer, model, and loft to configure your bag.

The app will keep track of the length of your shots for each club and show you your average club distance.

Pricing and Packages

GolfLogix provides you with a free, basic version that measures your distances to the front, center, and back of the green.

A shot preparation tool included in the plus membership is an approach map that illustrates where the ball will land and how it will roll.

Furthermore, the plus option has built-in putt break maps that serve as your caddie by advising you on the ideal line and weight. Additionally, if you pay for 12 months in advance, membership costs $49.99 per year.

A Plus membership subscription costs $9.99 per month if you’d rather pay for it that way.


The GolfLogix golf GPS app will be helpful to you from the tee to the green, but I would advise against using it if you’re looking for the best golf range finder app because you’ll need more detailed reads for your short game shots.

Best Free Golf GPS App: Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scorecard

5.Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scorecard

My choice for the best free golf GPS app is Hole 19’s Golf GPS and Scorecard. Although the app does have a paid-for Pro version, those looking for a basic option can get by with the free features. It’s one the best golf rangefinder apps to “try before you buy.”


  • Works on 43,000 courses
  • Find courses to play on nearest to you
  • Adjustable target feature for more accurate distance measurement
  • Basic digital scorecard
  • No ads on the free version


  • Augmented reality is not in the free version of the app
  • For measuring shot lengths, there is no distance tracker in the free version.

Features and Benefits

GPS Distances

The measurements from the tee to the front, center, and back of the green are automatically provided by hole 19. But you can adjust the target area to where you want a reading by using the user-friendly interface. In order to set your target market as closely as possible to the actual target, you can zoom in on the course layout.

This versatility makes it possible for you to quickly obtain measurements of bunkers, water hazards, and layup locations, making it the best app for golf yardage to avoid traps.

Digital Scorecard,

The digital scorecard for Hole 19’s free subscription package is straightforward but sufficiently comprehensive. The number of putts, sand shots, and penalties you took to complete the hole should be entered.

Your scores will be kept on the app, giving you easy access to information from earlier rounds. There are additional golf stat apps available for smartphones that you can use to monitor your golf statistics.

Search for Courses to Play

Hole19 lets you look up nearby golf courses to play because their database contains over 43,000 of them. You can find a round at a golf course where the app works and simplifies your life, whether you are at home or on the go.

Pricing and Packages

Although Hole 19 also has a paid pro version, this may be the best free Golf GPS app available. It has attributes like augmented reality, a shot tracker, and club recommendations.

When paid up front, the premium Pro subscription costs $60.15 per year. Additionally, Hole 19 provides customers with a 6-month option for $36.80 and a monthly option for $9.81.


The free Hole19 golf GPS is simple to use and gives accurate distance measurements. The title of best free golf GPS app has been earned by it. This is the app you want to download if you don’t want to spend any money on additional golf equipment.

Things to Consider before Subscribing to a Golf GPS App

Annual Golf GPS App Fee Vs Price of a Laser Rangefinder

A golf GPS app requires a much smaller initial financial commitment in terms of monthly fees than a laser rangefinder. You might feel compelled to immediately download the first app you find by launching the App Store or Google Play store, but you should first use the calculator.

According to what I’ve discovered, an annual subscription to a golf GPS app with premium features costs around $50. A top laser rangefinder could be yours for ten years’ worth of subscription fees, and during that time, you’ll probably have bought several different gadgets.

This makes a golf GPS app a great choice if you’re on a tight budget or need distance measurements while you’re saving up for a high-quality rangefinder.

Free Features

A free version with a variety of features and advantages is frequently available in golf GPS apps. Some apps’ free features have impressed me so much that I wasn’t sure if I needed to upgrade.

To get the full experience, you should upgrade an app if you like it and its features.

GPS apps frequently come with a rangefinder in their free versions that can be used on tens of thousands of routes. Furthermore, a simple digital scorecard.

It is wise to utilize the free features of a golf GPS app before purchasing it if you’re in the market for one. If you are unwilling to spend anything on a golf GPS app, you can still benefit from the free features.

If you choose to take this route, keep in mind that free features aren’t truly free—you will have to put up with intrusive banner ads.

Monthly Vs Annual Subscription Fee

When compared to paying monthly, buying an annual subscription fee can save you up to 60%.

Although there are substantial savings when you agree to a one-year subscription, all sales are final. You won’t get reimbursed for the months you didn’t use the app if you cancel within the first 12 months because you don’t like it. By using the app’s free version prior to purchasing, you can avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

Monthly payments are more expensive than annual payments.

You can always choose to stop using the service and switch to another app, which is a benefit.

Measurement Accuracy

The distance to the front, center, and back of the green as measured by a golf GPS app will typically be provided rather than the precise yardage to the pin.

Some apps let you move the target around, providing accurate reads for the pin location that day.

With the assistance of the premium features on apps, you can accurately plan your hole from the tee to the green by knowing how far your ball is from hazards and the green.

Integrated Maps

Only the level of detail offered by the map that is built into the app will determine how well your golf GPS products perform. If the map that the developers integrated does not contain comprehensive information about your home course, the app will perform below expectations.

To make sure the app works, it is advisable to test every feature on the course you use the most.

Digital Scorecard

These apps allow you to keep track of your score in addition to providing distance measurements. You are encouraged to keep track of your fairways in regulation (FIR), putts per hole, and shots out of the sand by using the premium features on GPS apps.

Some apps give you the option to conveniently post your score straight from the app to your GHIN profile.

Strokes Gained Analysis

Golf GPS Apps that offer strokes gained analysis should be considered by serious golfers seeking in-depth insight into their games.

You include information about FIR, putts per hole, and shots out of the sand when you record each hole’s score. After that, the analysis gives you a handicap for each aspect of your game, indicating where you need to make improvements.

Shot Length

Look for an app with increased accuracy if you want to improve your distance control. Your ability to maintain distance will consequently improve.

With the help of a Golf GPS app, shot distances can be recorded. These distances will aid the app in accurately recommending clubs for subsequent shots.

Club Recommendation

The most appropriate club is suggested by GPS apps based on the distance of your previous shot. the more distance-related data your GPS has. The recommendation will get better as time goes on.

Final Thoughts

For the average golfer, getting an accurate distance measurement is now more accessible and convenient thanks to golf GPS apps. The SwingU app is the Best Golf GPS App in general. All golfers should consider it because of the variety of free features and the depth and perspective offered in the premium version. A rangefinder laser is more expensive than the app. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to transport a separate device around the course.

Check out the SwingU Golf GPS app if you want precise distance measurements but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a laser rangefinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Download a Golf GPS App?

The majority of golf apps can be found in the Google Play Store or other app store on your phone. If not, you can search online and locate their official website. You can download the app by following the link on the official website.

Can You Use Your Phone as a Golf GPS?

Yes, a smartphone has many features, and you can use one to find your location on a golf course provided that the app for your local area contains information about the course. The best golf yardage apps are available to download in this article if you prefer something else.

Can a Golf GPS App Help All Levels of Players?

All players, from beginners to professionals, can benefit from golf apps. They assist you in more accurately estimating the distance between greens and holes than you would if you were relying solely on yard marks or eyeballing it. This will enable you to add a club to an uphill center pin.

How Accurate Are Golf GPS Apps?

Under ideal circumstances, the majority of golf GPS apps are fairly accurate, with an accuracy of 3–4 yards. However, the accuracy largely depends on the GPS capabilities of the phone and how current the course information is.

Still, it’s not as precise as a rangefinder. Our article on golf GPS apps vs. rangefinders has more information on this.

Do I Need Wi-Fi to Use a Golf GPS App?

In fact, there are some apps that you can use without Wi-Fi. All you would have to do is download the golf course. The offline mode of the Birdie App is a prime illustration.

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