Does Rite Aid Accept Apple Pay In 2023?

12. Does Rite Aid Accept Apple Pay1

Rite Aid now accepts Apple Pay, and this guide will teach you how to do so as well as other payment options.

“We’re upholding our commitment to making it simple and convenient for customers to shop at Rite Aid by accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment online.”

With no physical contact required, Apple Pay is a very practical payment option. When using cards or money is not the best option, it has recently become more and more common.

Does Rite Aid Accept Apple Pay in 2023?

In 2023, most Rite Aid locations will accept Apple Pay. At Rite Aid, Apple Pay is accepted in the same way as other payment methods. The procedure is largely the same as it would be in any other store. Additionally, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases at Rite Aid online. Simply choose Apple Pay at the checkout.

Learn more about Rite Aid’s Apple Pay policies and any potential restrictions by reading on for more information.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Rite Aid?

At most Rite Aid locations, Apple Pay is accepted. If you want to make sure, you can make sure the card reader has the Apple Pay symbol.

If you’re set on using Apple Pay, it’s highly advised that you call ahead to confirm that the store near you accepts it specifically since it can vary slightly from location to location.

Without having to fiddle with any other cards or cash, you can easily pay for your groceries and prescriptions with the help of this feature. Furthermore, using Apple Pay is very secure.

How Do I Use Apple Pay at Rite Aid?

The majority of Rite Aid locations accept Apple Pay. However, you can use it on the business website to choose from thousands of items that are ready for delivery.

You only need to choose Apple Pay during checkout for the transaction to be completed.

Additionally, it is remarkably similar to using Apple Pay in stores.

Double-click the side button and wait for the default card to show up to use Apple Pay when making in-store purchases.

In order for the iPhone to authenticate your payment using Face ID when this occurs, you must look at it.

For whatever reason, you can also use Touch ID or enter your PIN if Face ID isn’t an option.

To enable the payment reader to read your payment, place your phone or watch close to the device. You should see a checkmark on the screen once the authentication is finished.

A beep or ping should be audible when the payment method is successful.

The default card can be changed by clicking on it and selecting a different card from the list of options.

Once you’ve chosen the card, you must once more verify your purchase.

12. Does Rite Aid Accept Apple Pay2

Is There a Limit to Apply Pay at Rite Aid?

As with your preferred card, you ought to be able to use the same amount of cash on Apple Pay.

However, some card-issuing organizations might have restrictions on Apple Pay purchases. But this has nothing to do with Rite Aid.

Instead, it’s a straightforward security measure put in place by businesses to stop theft using Apple Pay.

If the purchase exceeds a certain threshold, you might occasionally be required to sign a receipt. Once more, this extra step aids in preventing identity theft.

The particulars of these use security procedures, however, vary depending on the Rite Aid store and the card you’re using. There are various requirements for various businesses.

Other Payment Methods on Rite Aid

Google Wallet

Rite Aid, the biggest chain of pharmacies in the country, declared earlier this week that all 4,600 of its locations would accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The change will help tap and pay with debit and credit cards starting this weekend.

71 U.S. locations accept Apple Pay, a safe mobile payment system. retail chains and is expanding quickly. By the end of the year, the company should have 1.5 million locations.

Following Best Buy, Rite Aid is the second MCX participant to declare support for Apple Pay. A mobile payment system is being tested by a group of retailers called MCX. Numerous retailers are restricted from accepting other mobile payment options by contracts they have with MCX.

NFC is a technology that is utilized by Apple Pay and is present on card readers. Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pei Wei, among other retailers, have implemented this technology into their point-of-sale systems. Users can pay using credit or debit cards, and it is a secure method. Apple Pay is not accepted everywhere, and Rite Aid will also support other mobile payment options.

In its stores, Rite Aid will initially only accept Apple Pay, but it plans to add support for Google Wallet later this year. Apple Pay is accepted at 4,600 Rite Aid locations across 31 states. The action will also give the Rite Aid app a mobile payment option in addition to expected sales growth.

Prior to this, Rite Aid supported CurrentC, a mobile payment solution from MCX. Rite Aid was one of the merchants that MCX signed exclusivity agreements with in 2012. Since almost a year ago, MCX has not disclosed any new developments, but numerous retailers have revealed plans to accept Apple Pay.

Similar to Android Pay, the MCX group is developing a mobile payment system. Some retailers have not yet disclosed their plans, and CVS is still evaluating mobile payment options. In contrast, a large number of other MCX participants have made plans to support Apple Pay.

Additionally, MCX is creating a mobile payment platform that will compete with Apple Pay. Although CVS hasn’t made any plans public, other retailers are anticipated to support the competing service.

Android Pay

Riteaid is not your typical pharmacy among the tens of thousands of pharmacies that fill the supermarket shelves in America. The business is no stranger to innovation, as shown by its gimmicks like drive-thru pharmacy pickups. Riteaid has nearly 4600 stores across 31 states, which qualifies as a store with a sizable footprint.

Since beginning to accept the mobile equivalent of credit cards in 2007, the company has gained experience in the mobile payments industry. Of the three major drugstore chains, it was the first to accept mobile checkouts at a few locations earlier this year. With a history of innovation, the company’s most recent foray into mobile payments is a logical progression. Its most recent mobile payment solution, called mobile pay-and-display, works with Android Pay, the company’s mobile payment system. In contrast, not all Rite Aid locations currently accept Android Pay, which is expected to arrive in the distant future.

Given that Riteaid is a member of the MCX, an association of the biggest retailers in the country, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the drugstore is not the first to use Google’s mobile payments technology. Despite Riteaid’s recent turbulent history, they are still trying to attract customers. They are also in the fortunate position of being able to highlight the best of the best, as evidenced by their recent rollout of mobile checkout. Additionally, Riteaid is probably going to experience a significant increase in traffic following the launch of Android Pay and Android M. Check out Riteaid if you’re looking for the best store to buy prescription medication.


Rite Aid is one of many well-known retailers that now accepts Apple Pay. It is now the mobile payment system with the fastest rate of growth worldwide. It keeps track of all of your debit and credit cards in one location for simpler checkout. The number of purchases you can make using Apple Pay may be restricted by some credit card companies.

Additionally, the business recently began assisting Google Wallet. This is a brand-new mobile payment system created by a group of retailers called Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). When you use your mobile device to make a purchase, the system generates a QR code for you to scan.

Although Rite Aid had previously supported the MCX, the company has recently changed its position on mobile payments. It now intends to accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet in stores. According to the retailer, these new mobile payment methods will make it simpler for customers to complete their purchases.

In 1.5 million locations by the end of the year, Apple Pay is anticipated to be accepted. Rite Aid will also increase support for Android Pay over the next few months. Customers will be able to buy smartphones at Rite Aid locations thanks to this. Customers may use Google Wallet to make purchases from the business’ website.

Rite Aid is the first major retailer in the United States to accept Apple Pay, though it is not the first in the world. This could be the first of many stores to start accepting mobile payments.

Following its refusal to accept Apple Pay in stores, Rite Aid has now changed its mind. This happened about nine months ago. The business has not disclosed the reason behind the policy change. The company, according to a source inside, was reportedly still considering different mobile payment methods.

Mobile payment systems are met with skepticism from some customers who think the system’s security measures aren’t as trustworthy as those of a conventional credit card. Customers who believe Apple Pay is a safer payment option than a credit card may be upset by this.

Rite Aid announced that it would accept the Google Wallet mobile payment system even though it hasn’t said why it stopped accepting Apple Pay. The 4,600 stores owned by the company will offer this new system. Additionally, the business intends to accept CurrentC, a brand-new payment method supported by Walmart and Walmart. This system uses a QR code that you scan with your smartphone rather than the NFC chip that other mobile payment systems do.


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The United States is home to more than 2,500 Rite Aid locations. and Rite Aid is a retailer of health products, including over-the-counter medicines, in Canada. One of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States is it. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

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The majority of Rite Aid locations accept Apple Pay, and you can use it to make purchases online as well. It is advised to call ahead to confirm that your neighborhood store accepts it.

Even though the majority of retailers accept Apple Pay, not all of them may, especially in rural areas where the technology is less prevalent.

When making a Rite Aid grocery purchase, there might be a few unique considerations to take into account. Card issuers may occasionally impose restrictions on the total amount you can spend using Apple Pay in a single transaction.

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