Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm – Which Size Should You Choose

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm - Which Size Should You Choose

The Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology that functions best with your iPhone. It has several health features, such as heart rate monitoring, ECG, and others, in addition to simply displaying notifications on your wrist.

The differences between the Series 7 41mm and 45mm are examined in this article to assist you in selecting the appropriate size.

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm Vs. 45mm: What’s the Difference?

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm - Which Size Should You Choose

The design, features, and adaptability of the Apple Watch Series 7 make it a desirable gadget for many users. There are two sizes available: 41mm and 45mm. Both of them offer a lot of new features and improvements over the previous generation. But there are some areas where they diverge. Here are some of the main distinctions between them.


There are two sizes of the Apple Watch Series 7—41mm and 45mm. The price for the 41mm (GPS only) Apple Watch 7 is $329, while the price for the 45mm (GPS + Cellular) model is $399. Pricing for the Apple Watch 7 45mm (GPS + Cellular) begins at $429. Even though $30 might not seem like much, it can add up if you purchase several watches or accessories. The different watch faces’ sizes account for the price discrepancy. Given that the 41mm watch face is smaller than the 45mm, it is less expensive.


Both sizes have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 when it comes to connectivity. LTE connectivity is supported, however, only by the GPS + Cellular model. Even when you are not near your iPhone, LTE allows you to maintain a connection. As a result, even when your iPhone is not nearby, you can use your watch to perform actions like receiving and making calls and sending text messages. The cellular feature also allows you to stream music and use other apps that require an internet connection.


The 41mm Apple Watch has a display size of 352 x 430 pixels, while the 45mm watch has a display size of 396 x 484 pixels. Therefore, the display on the 45mm watch is a little bigger. Both watches have OLED displays with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits.


The Apple Watch Series 7 45mm weighs more than the 41mm model, which is a significant difference between the two models. The stainless steel variant of the Apple Watch 7 41mm weighs 42.3 grams while the stainless version of the 45 mm model weighs 51.5 grams.

Why Apple Offers Different Sizes for the Apple Watch

Everyone has different wrist sizes, the most common being large, regular, and small. On a large wrist, a standard-sized Apple Watch might appear tiny, while on a small wrist, it might appear massive.

Apple created two Apple Watch sizes to address this problem. The Apple Watch measures the watch case vertically, whereas traditional watches measure it horizontally.

There are 40mm and 44mm versions of the Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and SE. The 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 are an increase of 1mm over earlier iterations. There is just a 49mm version of the Apple Watch Ultra.

History of Apple Watch Series 7

In September 2020, the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 7 were both made available. The Apple Watch is in its seventh generation. Both 41mm and 45mm sizes are offered. The 41mm version is aimed at smaller wrists, while the 45mm version is designed for larger wrists.

With a new design, fresh features, and enhanced performance, the Series 7 represents a significant improvement over the previous generation. It comes in cellular and GPS versions. Additionally, it comes in many different hues, such as midnight, blue, green, starlight, and red.

The addition of an always-on display is among the Series 7’s standout features. This feature was first introduced in Series 5. The Series 7’s capability to take ECG readings is another novel feature. This feature was first introduced in Series 4 but was only available in certain countries at first due to regulatory reasons. Apple has been successful in getting this feature approved in more nations with the Series 7, though.

The device has a new S7 processor, which outperforms the S6 processor in terms of performance, and is powered by watchOS 8.0. The Series 7 also has an always-on display that enables users to view the time and other crucial data without having to raise their wrists. International emergency calling is also supported by the Series 7’s cellular variant.

One of the top smartwatches available is the Apple Watch Series 7. With a gorgeous design and an even better user experience, it offers all the features and capabilities of a high-end fitness tracker.

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm Vs. 45mm: 6 Must-Know Facts

  • The resolution of the 41mm is 352 x 430 pixels, while the resolution of the 45mm is 396 x 484 pixels.
  • In comparison to the 41mm watch, the 45mm watch has a longer battery life.
  • Five new aluminum case colors for the Apple Watch Series 7 are available, including red, green, starlight, midnight, and blue.
  • Both sizes of the Series 7 feature an always-on retina display.
  • The Apple Watch Series 7 is 10.7 mm thick in both sizes.
  • Both sizes are offered in models with GPS only and models with GPS and cellular.

Which One Should You Go For: Apple Watch Series 7 41mm Vs. 45mm

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm - Which Size Should You Choose

If you’re trying to decide between the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch Series 7, there are a few things to consider. The features should be your first priority. The smaller option, the 41mm, is still packed with features and has a bright display. The larger option, the 45mm, has a few more features than the 41mm, including a slightly higher resolution and a slightly longer battery life.

The cost should be taken into account as well. The 41mm starts at $399, while the 45mm starts at $429. The 41mm model is preferable if you’re looking for the best value.

You should also think about your own preferences. If you have small wrists or you want a more discreet look, then the 41mm option may be the better choice for you. The 45mm size is ideal for those who have large wrists or prefer a more immersive experience. Due to its larger display, we advise Apple Watch 45 mm.

Conclusion Pick the Right Apple Watch Size for You

Your personal preferences will ultimately determine the ideal size. Once you’ve chosen the best Apple Watch size, you can unwind and begin looking for the best band and various finishes for your model, if any are offered.

You can start exploring the features of your new Apple Watch once you’ve received it. If you look closely, you might be able to spot some hidden features on your Apple Watch.

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