Is Deco Pic On Android Safe To Use?

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You must have noticed a new shortcut called DECO PIC if you updated your Samsung Galaxy device to the most recent Android 12 OS. Well, a lot of users thought the app was odd when they saw it in the app drawer. There is no need to be alarmed because the Deco Pic app is safe to use on Android and is not malware. Actually, it’s just a shortcut made for an app that was already on your phone but was concealed inside the built-in Camera app.

  • What Does Deco Pic App Do?

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you’ve probably wondered what the Deco Pic app does. Samsung Electronics Co. created the app, which is a camera application., Ltd. and accessible on all Samsung gadgets. It has a lot of features, like video recording and photo editing, but none of the more sophisticated ones. Installing third-party apps or platforms is required if you want to take more sophisticated pictures or videos. You can download and use this app with complete confidence knowing that your data will be kept private.

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  • Is Deco Pic On Android Safe To Use?

Utilizing Deco Pic is secure. Using the DECO PIC app from Samsung, you can edit the images and videos you take and store on your South Korean-made smartphone by applying filters and effects. It only takes a few seconds to give every piece of content you create that extra touch using nothing more complicated than a basic editor.

To retouch the pictures and videos you’ve already taken or are about to take, DECO PIC has everything you need. You can enhance all of your photos and videos with various effects and filters, save them to your smartphone, and then share them with your contacts.

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