Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay (Solved It)

Does Popeyes Accept Apple Pay

PoPeyes is a chain of restaurants, which is usually easy to find in most subways and suburbs. The following is detail about whether PoPeyes accepts Apple Pay. PoPeyes is a chain of restaurants all over the country, which is usually easy to find in most subways and suburbs. The following is information about whether PoPeyes accepts Apple pay.

What is Apple Pay?

Do you have an iPhone or apple watch? With apple pay and your Apple device, you can make mobile payments in stores, apps, and the web. Apple pay is an easy-to-use, safe, non-contact and private payment method, which is deeply loved by guests. Gone are the days of waiting at the registry to change or use a credit card reader. Thousands of credit cards are already in it. Instead, replace your card with apple pay’s digital wallet application. Read on to learn more about Apple pay and PoPeyes.

Is Apple Pay Generally Accepted?

At present, Apple Pay has more than 2.5 million retail stores in the United States, covering 85% of U.S. merchants. The stores that accept Apple’s payment include many top fast food restaurants, grocery stores, hypermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and applications of some of the most popular brands in the United States. In other words, 15% of stores, including Wal Mart, still do not accept Apple’s payment. Unfortunately, although Apple pay is an important participant in the NFC (near field communication) mobile payment field, there are still some resisters.

How Do I Use Apple Pay on iPhone with PoPeyes?

Are you ready to order at Popeye with apple pay? First, have you set up Apple pay on your iPhone or apple watch? If it has been set, you can skip to the next section; If not, please read on.

  • Set up Your Apple Pay Account

You first need to activate your apple pay account on your iPhone. The good news is that Apple has done a lot of hard work for you. You don’t need to download any apps or anything like that. Apple pay is already on your iPhone. For it to work, you need to find the apple pay icon on your iPhone. Then you need to provide the required information, which usually means entering your name, birthday and address. Once you have provided the application with the required information, you can start adding payment methods.

  • Add Payment Method

This is one of the most important steps to get your apple pay to work with PoPeyes.

Apple pay is a digital wallet, which means it acts like a mediator. It will send your funds elsewhere to the appropriate recipients. You can connect almost any payment method to your apple pay account, including a direct link to your bank.

How Do I Set Up Apple Pay on My iPhone or Apple Watch?

If you want to set up Apple pay on your iPhone, go to the settings section and select wallet and apple pay. Next, select Add card. Press continue and select the payment type to use. Place iPhone on your credit card until it successfully reads your credit card number, and then add your credit or debit card details, or you can manually enter your credit card details. Your choice. Now you need to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions and complete any necessary credit card verification steps. After that, your card will be placed in the apple wallet and can be used by Apple Pay.

To set up Apple pay on an apple watch, you need to use a linked iPhone. Using your paired iPhone, open the apple watch application. Next, tap “wallet&apple pay”. Now, click Add card and follow the instructions to add your preferred credit card to Apple pay on the apple watch.

Note: some retailers have restrictions on the amount that can be spent using contactless payment methods (such as apple pay). Generally speaking, the payment beyond this limit will pass, but the clerk will check your ID card or ask for your signature. Rarely will you be asked to pay with a physical credit card or cash.

Which Fast Food Restaurants Use Apple Pay?

Although Apple users like apple payment, not every restaurant accepts it as a payment method. In addition to PoPeyes, there are other fast-food restaurants in the United States that are paid by Apple: Au Bon pain, Baskin Robbins, Chick-fil-A, chili’s, chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, El Polo loco, firehouse sub, fuddruckers, in-in-out, Jamba juice, Jack in the box, Jersey mike’s sub, Jimmy john’s, Johnny rockets, KFC, McDonald’s, Panera bread, Peet’s coffee, pizza hut, qdoba, Rubio, sonic Starbucks, Starbucks Subway, Taco Bell, tropical smoothie cafe, whataburger and white castle.

How do I Know Where to Accept Apple Pay?

It may be a challenge to know whether Popeye restaurant accepts Apple pay. You can ask the cashier or search online, but either way is troublesome. Fortunately, it is easy for apple to find out whether restaurants accept Apple’s payment.

To find out if the restaurant accepts Apple pay, open the apple Maps app on iPhone. Next, search the store location and scroll down to the “useful information” section below the store website address. If you see the apple pay logo or check mark next to “accept Apple pay”, then you know that the store accepts Apple pay! Apple pay is a modern payment option in the modern world.

Another way to see if the store accepts Apple pay is to look for the apple pay logo or near field communication (NFC) sticker on the store window or credit card reader.

Does PoPeyes Have a Mmobile Application?

The PoPeyes mobile application allows customers to order their favorite menu items for pick-up, delivery or in store dining. The application integrates features such as apple pay and PoPeyes rewards to improve the customer experience. Because their mobile app can link to your reward account, you will get valuable points on every order that can be used for free food. As part of the PoPeyes special promotion, new award members will receive free regular meals, small drinks or apple pie at the time of registration. Download apps from the apple store or Android Google play store and start earning rewards today!


If you want to eat delicious fried chicken in PoPeyes, you can shop with PoPeyes card, cash, apple pay or even cash app, so don’t worry that you have many other options to pay for food. PoPeyes will never lose potential customers. Now you know that Apple pay is your friend in PoPeyes, so if you want delicious fast-food fried chicken, go to PoPeyes and pay with your Apple device, so you can enjoy your delicious food.

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