Does Dunkin Donuts Accept Apple Pay?

Does Dunkin Donuts Accept Apple Pay

For many Dunkin Donuts customers, using Apple Pay to pay is a popular option. Dunkin Donuts is a chain of coffee and doughnuts with a worldwide reputation for donuts, coffee, tea, frozen beverages, sandwiches, snacks, packaging, bagels and muffins. It is one of the world’s largest restaurant coffee and doughnut stores, with more than 12900 branches in 47 countries.

What is Apple Pay?

Do you have iPhone, apple watch or iPad? With apple pay and apple IOS devices, you can make mobile payments in stores, apps and the Internet. Apple pay is an easy-to-use, safe, non-contact and private payment method, which is deeply loved by guests. Gone are the days of waiting for change at the registration office or using a credit card reader. Thousands of credit cards are already in it. Instead, replace your card with apple pay’s digital wallet app. Read on to see if Dunkin Donuts accepts Apple pay.

Does Dunkin Donuts Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Dunkin uses Apple pay as a payment method in the store and through their mobile app! So next time you get a doughnut and a drink from the full coffee menu in Dunkin, why don’t you pay with apple pay on your mobile phone?

How Do I Use Apple Pay in Dunkin Donuts?

Using apple pay in Dunkin Donuts depends on your IOS device and whether you use it in the store or through a mobile app. For example, if you use iPhone in Dunkin store, double-click the button on the right, and then follow the pop-up verification instructions. Then, you can put the phone on the payment reader until it pings, emits a green check mark, or you see “done” on the iPhone screen. If you want to use Apple pay inside Dunkin with apple watch, double-click the right button on the dial, enter the set password, and put the watch on the payment reader until payment.

On the other hand, if you are using apple pay’s mobile app, please open the app and sign in to your account. Next, you can click the “order” tab in the lower right corner, enter your location, and then select the “walk in” or “drive through” option. Therefore, click “checkout” to select the food, beverage or commodity you want to buy, click the “order” tab, and then select “Apple pay” as your preferred payment method.

If you want apple pay to work on any device, you must activate it. This process is very simple. Here we show you how to complete it on iPhone and apple watch.

1. Set up Apple Pay on iPhone

  • The first step is to access the “Settings” option on iPhone.
  • Click the “wallet & Apple pay” option.
  • Click the “add card” button and press the “continue” option.
  • Select the payment type required for security settings.
  • Manually add your card information to the system. You can also fix the device on plastic and wait for the system to read the declaration.
  • The last step is to review and accept the terms of use formulated by apple. Complete the card verification process and set up Apple pay on the device.?

2. Set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

  • To open the apple wallet on the apple watch through iPhone, you first need to open the apple watch.
  • Press the “wallet and apple payment” button.
  • Select the alternative identified as “add card” and add the credit card information you want to register.
  • After adding card information, verify it. If everything goes well, you will set up an app for your payment at any Dunkin doughnut store.

How Do You Use Apple Pay in Dunkin Donut Store?

Using this app will depend on the IOS device you will use, but it will also depend on whether you are in the store or whether the app pays.

  1. In store via iPhone
  • Double click the button on the right to continue the authentication process instructed by the system.
  • Fix the mobile device on the payment reader. You will hear a bang. You will also see a green check mark or “ready”
  1. Use Apple watch in any store
  • See the button on your right? It’s on the dial. Great… You have to click it twice to complete the process.
  • Add an access code.
  • Monitor the payment reader until the transaction is completed.
  1. From Dunkin doughnut app
  • Access the apple pay option from the Dunkin Donuts application.
  • Press the “order” button.
  • Add your location and choose between drive in or walk options.
  • To choose the food or drink you want, click the “pay” button.
  • After selecting “checkout”, the last step is to select “Apple pay” as your payment method.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts?

Whenever you find a store or restaurant that accepts Apple pay, you should use Apple pay! Fans of Apple pay know how convenient it is to use it as the preferred payment method as much as possible, but believe it or not, the reason to use it is much more convenient. The best reason to use Apple pay when you buy something is that it makes your payment information more private. Using debit cards or credit cards in various retailers (including Dunkin ‘Donuts) is not dangerous in itself, and using apple pay is safer, because with apple wallet, your payment information will never be exposed to merchants or other parties. Whenever you buy something with a credit card or debit card, it may be stolen or leaked, either immediately or on the road. When you shop, the more often you use Apple pay, the less likely your credit / debit card information will be exposed at some point.

Is it Safe to Use Apple Pay in Dunkin Donuts?

Using apple pay is simple, no trouble, so you can shop without using your credit card. But when you deal with payments, you must be careful. You must verify that the merchant accepts the payment method you plan to use at checkout. In this case, it is paid by apple. If the merchant does not accept your preferred payment method, it is meaningless to use it!

So can you use Apple pay in Dunkin Donuts? In short, the answer is yes. You can pay for coffee and doughnuts with apple pay at Dunkin doughnut store.

What Are the Benefits of Apple Pay?

Apple pay is a popular non-contact payment method, which can complete online and offline transactions in a few seconds. The company was founded in 2014 and has continued to grow since its debut. This is the most convenient and intelligent payment method when you use iPhone. Apple pay allows you to pay quickly and safely in stores, restaurants, online and other places.

  • Protect

Apple pay promotes the use of biometrics such as face recognition and fingerprints. Its design idea is to keep privacy in mind, which is the most concerned issue of most people.

  • One click payment

There is no need to manually enter any card details or personal information. It improves the customer experience and facilitates navigation for new users. It can pay quickly with one click.

  • No extra charge

There is no transaction fee for users to purchase anywhere. Transaction fees are for businesses such as credit cards, which flow directly to vending machine suppliers.

  • Returns

Sometimes, apple pay offers a good deal for good value for money. It offers a wide variety of cash back and incentive programs that you can access quickly and easily at no cost. As Dunkin Donuts has become a mobile friendly food company, it provides good services to customers through contactless mobile payment.

What Other Payment Methods Do Dunkin Donuts Accept?

If you don’t have an IOS device, you can use various payment methods to pay for food or drinks at Dunkin Donuts. For example, you can load a credit card, debit card, or cash into a gift card such as a Dunkin doughnut card and use it as your alternative payment method. In addition, Dunkin’s mobile apps and stores accept paypal, Google pay, debit cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, and cash. Fortunately, you can use Apple pay when buying drinks, food and goods at Dunkin Donuts, because the express service franchise uses contactless payment. However, you need to build a payment platform on your IOS device, such as iPhone and apple watch, so that it can work seamlessly. In other words, the apple pay setup steps outlined above will greatly help you make full use of the mobile friendly payment platform.

Is Apple Pay Accepted Everywhere?

Currently, apple pay has more than 2.5 million retail stores in the United States. Covering 85% of U.S. merchants. Stores that accept Apple pay include many popular restaurants, fast-food chains, grocery stores, hypermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and apps from some of the most popular brands in the United States. In other words, 15% of stores, including Wal Mart, still don’t accept Apple’s payment. Unfortunately, although Apple pay is an important participant in NFC (near field communication) mobile payment, some people still insist. How do you know if your favorite store accepts Apple pay?

Does Dunkin Donuts Have an App?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts has an application. The app can be used on the app store and Google play, and is suitable for iPhone and Android phones. ​

Dunkin doughnut app allows you to order and pay for food before you go to the store, and then take it away when you arrive. If you don’t want to line up, you can also use the app to pay in stores with in store kiosks.

You can also use the application through DD perks ® The reward program wins rewards such as free drinks and baked goods. In addition, you can find coupons and offers through the app and place orders directly from a specific menu, which will change according to your location, such as your store is offering new doughnut flavors or seasonal drinks.

How Do I Know Where Apple Pay is Accepted?

Knowing whether a restaurant accepts Apple pay can be a challenge. You can ask the cashier or search online, but either way is troublesome. Fortunately, apple can easily find out whether restaurants accept Apple’s payment.

To find out whether restaurants accept Apple pay, open the apple Maps app on iPhone. Next, search the store location and scroll down to the “useful information” section below the store website address. If you see the apple pay logo or check mark next to “accept Apple pay”, then you know that the store accepts Apple pay! Apple pay is a modern payment option in the modern world.

Another way to check whether the store accepts Apple pay is to look for the apple pay logo or near field communication (NFC) tag on the store window or credit card reader.

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