Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay In 2022?

Hobby Lobby

Do you want to know whether you can use Apple Pay in Hobby Lobby? At present, Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple pay in 2022. As we all know, Apple Pay is very popular in most stores as a payment method because it is easy to set up. So why doesn’t Hobby Lobby accept Apple’s payment? How can we pay on Hobby Lobby?

What is Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is very popular because people like to have a store filled with supplies that can help them follow their hobbies, dreams and passions. Most importantly, you can buy these supplies in Hobby Lobby, a store with various supplies and new ideas for consumers pursuing their dreams. Although consumers also like the Hobby Lobby shop that uses the tap pay terminal because it allows them to use Apple pay, other consumers who know that the Hobby Lobby shop does not accept Apple pay complain to the management and hope that the Hobby Lobby shop accepts Apple pay.

Will Hobby Lobby Accept Apple’s Payment in 2022?

Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby currently does not accept Apple pay in 2022. You cannot use it in physical locations or on company websites. Although most major retailers offer Apple pay, the Hobby Lobby does not. Some possible reasons include the slow adoption of new technology at the point of sale and rumors of cooperation with PayPal.

Continue to read this article and learn all the information you need to know about Apple pay and Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby, including online options, solutions, and so on!

However, not all Hobby Lobby stores use tap pay terminals, because stores have not yet adopted any NFC based technology to allow Apple pay as a payment method.

Before Hobby Lobby announced that its stores supported Apple pay, not all Hobby Lobby stores could use Apple pay as a payment method. In fact, most of its stores do not use Apple pay as a payment method. In order for Hobby Lobby to support and accept Apple pay as a payment method, users suggest that other users only need to send an email to Hobby Lobby to let them know this. Since a large number of users require this, Hobby Lobby can declare that they support this payment method.

Why Doesn’t Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Hobby Lobby may not accept Apple pay in store because its point of sale (i.e. the station where the cashier works) still uses the traditional method when checking out.

For whatever reason, Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby does not scan the registry items, which makes it difficult to implement the new technology. With this system, you can pay with cash, credit card and / or debit card when shopping in the store. Therefore, you should not expect Apple pay to be one of the options offered.

However, some sources speculated that the Hobby Lobby did not accept Apple pay because it was working with PayPal. This theory is supported because PayPal is the only third-party option other than credit card or debit card, and you can shop online in Hobby Lobby bubble. However, this is not true, because Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby does not support the option of PayPal installment payment, that is, 4 payment. On the contrary, PayPal is an option for Hobby Lobby because it is a popular payment method, which is longer than the current alternative. As mentioned above, Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby is likely to slowly accept new technologies in retail stores and on the Internet.

Is There An Apple Pay Store in Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby doesn’t have an apple pay store. At present, you can only pay in the following ways:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Gift cards
  • Personal checks

You can also use these methods and paypal when shopping online, which will be discussed in detail below.

Will Hobby Lobby Adopt Apple Pay in Store in the Future?

As mentioned earlier, Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple pay as a payment method for its store. Although you may walk into a store that uses the tap pay terminal, this will allow you to use Apple pay in the store.

Although most major retailers now use Apple pay as a payment option, Hobby Lobby is still an exception. Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby will no longer accept Apple pay from 2022. You can’t use it in their stores or even on their online websites. Although the company has no official information, one possible reason may be that the store checkout gateway lacks the adaptation of new technology, or they rumor the cooperation agreement with PayPal.

How Do I Use Apple Pay in Hobby Lobby?

You can use Apple pay at Hobby Lobby by linking your account to zip. Zip can create a virtual or disposable visa card that you can use to shop. It also allows you to make four equal payments in six weeks, so you can also use it to get items from the “Hobby Lobby hall” on a “buy it now” basis.

To integrate this feature, perform the following steps:

  • Download and install the Zip app
  • Open the app after installing
  • Navigate to the “Cards” tab
  • Click on “Get a card”
  • Read through the terms and conditions
  • Accept the terms
  • Add Zip to Apple Pay

This process will begin by linking your apple pay account to zip. After that, you can use Apple pay in Hobby Lobby through the application, as follows:

  • Open the app
  • Search for “Hobby Lobby” among the retailers
  • Buy items as usual by adding them to your cart
  • At checkout, select “Pay with Zip”
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Complete the payment

Other Methods of Payment in Hobby Lobby

According to the frequently asked questions on their official website, the following is the payment method accepted by Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby accepts visa credit cards, MasterCard, American Express and Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby gift cards in stores and websites.

In the store, you can also use personal checks to pay, and on the Hobby Lobby website, you can also use PayPal.

Some places may have greater support for all kinds of contactless payment, but if you are not sure, you’d better call in advance to check it.

Or, just make sure to carry standard payment methods such as credit card or cash with you, just in case, so you don’t need to check in advance.


Hobby Lobby does not accept in store or online payment. You can only pay with cash, credit or debit cards, gift cards, or PayPal.

However, if you want to use Apple pay, you can bypass these restrictions by linking your apple wallet to a zip account. This service works by creating a virtual visa card that can be used at any checkout that accepts it, including the amateur lobby.

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