Where Is My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung J3 – 2023 Guide

Where Is My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung J3 - 2023 Guide

Communication has become simpler thanks to WhatsApp, which also offers multimedia sharing that can be used for commercial purposes. WhatsApp contains crucial information, so having a backup is essential. This article will outline the various methods for backing up and restoring WhatsApp data. We’ll explain where to look for WhatsApp data on your Samsung.

WhatsApp stores data backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on the preferences of the user.

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Where Is My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung J3 - 2023 Guide

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Where Are My WhatsApp Backup on Samsung A10/J3

If you are looking for, “where is my WhatsApp backup on Samsung j3/A10”, then there are three places to look at.

  • WhatsApp Database

Samsung phones make a local backup in the phone’s storage. The user can simply go to “/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp“. Only Android versions lower than 10.0 will, however, have access to WhatsApp backup in this location. For Android 10 and above, the location for WhatsApp backup on Samsung A10/J3 is “/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp“.

  • Samsung Account

A Samsung user can also use Samsung Account to back up data, which can then be restored in the event that it is lost or deleted. To create a backup, the user can go to “Settings > Account and Backup > Backup and Restore > Backup Data“. Pick WhatsApp here, and if you haven’t already, sign in with your Samsung Account. When the backup is made, tap on “Done“.

The user can visit the same place to retrieve or restore this data. But instead of going to backup, the user can click on “Restore” and choose WhatsApp will send the data to your phone.

  • Google Drive

We know that WhatsApp performs backup to Google Drive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on the selection of the user. Since data can be recovered with just one click, Google Drive backup is the most trustworthy backup option.

Open Google Drive on your Samsung device to see the location of your WhatsApp backups. Select the hamburger icon. Various options will be displayed. Click on “Backup,” and here, you will see your This backup of WhatsApp cannot be viewed or changed. The only way for the user to get it back is via WhatsApp.

Where Is My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung J3 - 2023 Guide

FAQs About Samsung WhatsApp

How Can I Recover the Samsung A10 WhatsApp File

The Samsung a10 WhatsApp file could be easily recovered if you had previously made a backup of your WhatsApp conversations on Google Drive. Enter the same Google Drive that you used to create the backup. Install WhatsApp by downloading it. You will receive an OTP code as confirmation after entering the same phone number that you used previously. You will be given the option of existing chat backup as you type in the code. To restore the Samsung a10 WhatsApp file, select Restore.

How Can I Recover WhatsApp Messages Without Backup on Samsung A10

You can use iMyFone ChatsBack for WhatsApp if you don’t have a backup of your WhatsApp messages. Without a backup, this tool enables the user to recover deleted or lost messages. It is a recovery tool that utilizes various choices. You can use the tool to recover WhatsApp messages on a Samsung a10 without a backup after learning how to use iMyFone ChatsBack for WhatsApp.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung A10 Secure Folder

Use iMyFone ChatsBack or iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert if you failed to backup the secure folder using the settings-based backup and restore option. To recover every deleted file from your phone, run a deep scan. Preview all the data, select the data you want to recover and click on “Recover” to restore it.

How Do I Recover Pictures from My Samsung Secure Folder

There must be a backup to restore from if you want to recover your pictures. Go to settings and select the Backup and Restore option to create a backup of the image from the Samsung Secure folder. Choose from restore, secure folder data, or backup. Now choose the pictures you want to recover. Click on “Backup Now or Restore Now” to finish the process.

To recover the photos, follow the same steps, and in the end, click on “Restore Now” to recover the pictures from The Samsung Secure folder.

Are There Any Apps to Backup WhatsApp Chat on Samsung A10

Any chat on the Samsung a10 can be backed up using the iMyFone ChatsBack for WhatsApp. This tool is incredibly helpful for users who want to backup their photos, chats, videos, or other files. It has an intuitive interface that users can use to search through and discover various backup options.

Samsung J3 Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

Samsung smartphones typically use the most recent version of Android. Consequently, the Samsung j3 does not require anything special. The Android version determines everything. You can backup and then restore WhatsApp messages by using the backup feature. If you lost all of your data because you didn’t have a backup, you can use iMyFone ChatsBack for WhatsApp to recover every WhatsApp message, including any multimedia messages, on your Samsung j3.

Where is WhatsApp Backup Stored in Samsung

Find the WhatsApp folder in File Manager. The memory of the phone is where people typically save it, but some people also keep it on an SD card. Go to the WhatsApp folder and then go to “Databases.” This folder includes all the text messages and media in another folder named “Media.” Another folder named backup will be present; this is where the Samsung backup of WhatsApp is kept.

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