Where Are My WhatsApp Backup on Samsung A10 – How to Transfer?


In our lives, WhatsApp has a significant role. It is a result of our extensive use of this application. As far as we know, WhatsApp makes a backup of all user data and enables users to restore it in the event that their data is lost or deleted. What happened to my WhatsApp backup on my Samsung A10? In this article. We’ll also go over how to easily get back any deleted WhatsApp messages.

Where Is My Whatsapp Backup On Samsung A10/j3

The ability to create a chat backup is available on WhatsApp. Nothing will be lost if the user restores the backup in the event of an accident. Google Drive is the most practical way to backup the chat. The fact that WhatsApp backup uses little Google Drive storage is its best feature.

Open WhatsApp and select Settings to backup the conversation. Click on “Chat Backup” under “Chats.”” To create a backup and upload it to Google Drive, click the backup button. Every time you want to restore the backup data, you must enter your Google Drive id. Later in the article, the topic of backup data restoration will be covered.

How To Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Backup On Samsung Without Backup

Deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android phone? How can I get back deleted WhatsApp messages on my Samsung? Looking for software to recover WhatsApp conversations from a Samsung device? Images and data from specific apps, such as WhatsApp Business, may be recovered with UltFone Android Data Recovery. Our investigation led us to the conclusion that the best app for retrieving WhatsApp messages on Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto, LG G, Sony Xperia, HTC One, and others is UltFone Android Data Recovery. Robust software for Android data recovery is compatible with Android 4.4 and later-compatible devices.

If you lose your WhatsApp backup unintentionally or for an unknown reason with no backup created. Is it feasible to get them back? With the aid of an expert WhatsApp recovery tool, you can accomplish that quickly. Here is a reliable tool called RecoverGo (WhatsApp), which makes it simple to recover deleted WhatsApp backups.

Step 1. Install the Tool

You’ll see various options for recovery. Click on “Recover deleted WhatsApp data from Device” as we want to recover the deleted backup and messages from WhatsApp.

Step 2. Take a USB Cable

Connect your Samsung device to the computer using a USB cable, then select the WhatsApp account from which you want to restore the deleted data. As soon as that happens, the tool will begin scanning.

Step 3. Recover

The user has the opportunity to preview every piece of recoverable data after scanning is complete. Select the data that you want to recover and click on “Recover“.

Samsung A10

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats To Email

Another option for moving WhatsApp chat history from an old Samsung phone to a new Samsung phone is via email. The user simply uploads WhatsApp chats from the old Samsung phone into an email, then logs in to the email using the new Samsung phone to access the WhatsApp chats and data. It goes without saying that you need to remember your login information and have a functioning email account. Now that that has been said and done, let’s get into how to transfer WhatsApp from a Samsung device to another Samsung device using email. 

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your outdated Samsung phone and select the three dots in the top right corner. Choose “Settings” and then “Chat Settings” from the sub-menu in that order. Find and choose the “Email Chat” option from the provided list.

Step 2: Select the WhatsApp chats you wish to email. The option to transfer your chats “Without Media” or “Simply Attach Media” will be presented to you in a pop-up window.” Depending on your needs, pick the preferred option.

Step 3: To send these chats to your email, enter your email address in the appropriate field and press the “Send” button.

Step 4: Use your new Samsung phone to log into the email account you provided above after WhatsApp has finished sending your chats. Use this new device to view your WhatsApp conversations at your email.

This method’s drawback is that you may not be able to sync your old WhatsApp chats to the new WhatsApp app you downloaded to the new device if you use certain Samsung versions. Again, bulk transfers are not ideal for this method, and doing each one by hand takes time and effort.

Best Way To Backup Whatsapp Messages On Samsung Device

Try UltFone Transfer if you’re looking for a straightforward, one-click method to backup WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. UltFone Transfer offers an extremely reliable and straightforward method. You can backup your WhatsApp data on your computer and instantly sync it with a variety of mobile devices with just one click. Using this app, you can immediately transfer WhatsApp to a new phone without first making a backup. With UltFone Transfer, you can move WhatsApp between iPhone and Android, Android and iPhone, iPhone and iPhone, and Android and Android.

How To Transfer Whatsapp From A Google Drive Backup

If you have a Google account, you can use Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp between two phones. This method of transferring WhatsApp to your new phone offers a simple solution because WhatsApp automatically backs up all of your messages and photos to Google Drive. There are two steps to the transfer process: first, you must backup your WhatsApp messages, and then you must transfer them to another Samsung device.

Check that the following are in place before starting your Google Drive WhatsApp backup:

  • Your phone is signed into Google Drive
  • Google Play must be installed (only available for
  • Android OS 2.3.4 and later). You can find out which version of Android you are using here
  • Your Google Drive must have enough space for your WhatsApp data
  • To create the backup, there must be enough free space on your phone. 
  • Your new phone has the same phone number and Google account as the original one


This concludes our discussion on how to access a Samsung WhatsApp backup and where it is kept. The recovery of other types of data is also possible with this strong tool, UltFone Android Data Recovery. Without requiring root access, it enables the recovery of deleted photos and WhatsApp data on Android.

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