Simple Ways to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working (2022)

Spotify Wrapped

Many Spotify users have claimed that Spotify Wrapped isn’t working, although the majority of them aren’t; instead, the story is the issue, not the Spotify Playlist. 

How To View Spotify Wrapped

The Spotify Wrapped can only be viewed on mobile devices, according to Spotify, and not on desktops. Users are unable to download this story-like feature onto their computers. Here is how to access the Wrapped stories for users of the Spotify mobile app:

1. Scroll down until you see the WRAPPED text in the Spotify app on your phone. You must first enter your credentials if you haven’t already done so.

2. Press the banner after you have tapped the text. Following that, you ought to be able to see the story-liked feature. Additionally, you can scroll down to view a few year-end playlists, such as Your Top Songs, Missed Hits, and On Record, which combines talk and music from your favorite artists.

Go to Search and enter “Wrapped” if you can’t find the Wrapped section. Your Wrapped ought to show up in the top result.

3. Wait until the stories are finished, at which point a SHARE button will appear on the screen, to share your Spotify Wrapped. Alternatively, you can share each slide by clicking Share this story at the bottom of each story page.

Why Isn’t My Spotify Wrapped Working?

People who post their Spotify Wrapped frequently receive harsh criticism, some of which may be unwarranted. You should probably stop using social media altogether if you don’t enjoy reading people’s personal opinions.

The function provided by the massive music company is quite straightforward, in case you are unfamiliar with it: it shows you just how much of a particular artist or song that you’ve listened to throughout the year.

The next step is for Spotify to display your “Wrapped” with a stylish graphic and make it relatively simple for you to share this information on social media.

All you have to do is click the “share” button at the bottom of your Wrapped screen, and all of your most-heard songs and artists for the year will be sent to your Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or you can personally send it to someone through a messaging app.

How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working Issue

1. Spotify Wrapped Not Available

There is a way to quicken the process, though, if you are suffering from excruciating FOMO while everyone else shares their roundups.

The Wrapped banner ought to appear at the top of your screen on a mobile device with the Spotify app installed. Make sure you are signed into your profile on the app again if it is still not there.

You need the Spotify app downloaded in order for this fix to function because the Wrapped feature does not work with the web player version of the service.

2. Wrapped Story Not Opening

In order to ensure quick playback, Spotify frequently keeps temporary files offline. These caches could, however, also contribute to the Spotify wrapped not working problem. To fix the issue, you can go and clear all of Spotify’s offline caches.

Step 1: Navigate to Spotify’s Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Verify the location of Spotify’s cache under the Offline songs storage section.

Step3: Navigate to the relevant location in File Explorer.

Step 4: Remove everything from the folder and restart Spotify.

The Spotify-wrapped issue should be resolved as of right now. 

3. Check The Internet Connection

The Spotify wrapped not working error may occur if the internet connection on your Android device is unreliable or disabled. You can see if other internet-connected devices can use the internet normally to rule out this possibility.

If the answer is no, there should be a problem with the Internet connection. If nothing works, try restarting the modem or router. However, if you discover that the internet connection is normal but the problem still exists, you can use the next method to give it a shot.

Simple Ways to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

4. Wrapped Stories Skipping Through Slides

The last option is to remove the current app from your device and then reinstall it if none of the other fixes work for you. This time, download the app from the Spotify website using a browser like Chrome or Safari, then install it on your device.

After that, don’t forget to log in to the account you’ve been using all year. If the Wrapped is still not visible on your device, try again later or on a different day. All users are receiving the feature, though some may experience a delay. Additionally, if you currently use Spotify for free, you can try Spotify Premium for three months at no cost.

5. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your Android device is the first manual fix we’ll try to address the Spotify app crash issue. Rebooting your phone is the first step you should take to resolve any app-related issues you encounter.

The majority of the time, apps stop working because of minor technical issues or because there are too many open at once, which uses up too much memory. If your Android app kept crashing in any of these scenarios, restarting your phone fixed the problem.

Long press the Power button until the power options appear on the screen to restart the phone. Next, press the Reboot or Restart button.

Final Words

The Spotify Wrapped not working is the main issue here. Given that it frequently occurs with other Android apps, this is not a major problem. By carrying out the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you can, however, quickly resolve this issue. Finally, I sincerely hope that this guide has assisted you in resolving your problem with the Spotify Wrapped app on your device. Please feel free to share any additional concerns or recommendations you may have with us.

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