How to Alphabetize Apps on Android In Simple Ways

How to Alphabetize Apps on Android In Simple Ways1

There are a ton of options available to us via the tens of thousands of applications we can download on our phone. However, if it takes a while to find an application on your screen, the experience might be ruined. One of the simplest methods for making navigation easier and simplifying tasks is to arrange apps on a Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA in alphabetical order.

First, we’ll look at how to use the auto setting on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to sort apps alphabetically. Then, we’ll demonstrate how to manually arrange them in alphabetical order on a Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA.

How To Alphabetize Your Samsung Galaxy App Drawer

  1. Open the app drawer from your home screen by swiping up from the device’s bottom.
  2. Right above the search field, tap the three-button menu.
  3. Tap on Sort.
  4. Then select Alphabetical Order.
  5. Sorting your app drawer on a Samsung Galaxy phone

You’re probably kicking yourself right now for not doing this sooner because it was so simple (I know, I was)! Simply repeat this process and tap on Custom order if you decide to arrange them in a different order at any point. After that, you can drag and drop your apps into the order you want. You might want to arrange your most used apps by color or by placing them at the top of the first page of the app drawer, for example. You can explore the app drawer!

One thing to keep in mind when alphabetizing your app drawer is that any app groups you may have will still appear at the top of your app list, making them simple to find without additional effort to access grouped apps.

Sort Apps Alphabetically Manually On Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

How to Alphabetize Apps on Android In Simple Ways

The solution we just saw remains the best method for alphabetizing the applications on your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA for ever greater simplicity and speed. It can be turned on, and all it takes is a small setting. However, we’ll now see a different strategy for moving forward that will give you more freedom. It is ” custom order ” page (in French).

In fact, there is no other option in the automatic method that was previously described: an application with the first letter A will always be in the first position, and an application with the last letter Z. Having a daily-use application on the last page can occasionally be limiting. You can manually arrange the applications on your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA in alphabetical order to avoid this from happening. This preserves your right to occasionally break the law. On the other hand, it will take you longer because you will have to file them yourself in the desired order.

To organize your applications in alphabetical order manually, we present the procedure here:

  • Proceed with the same solution seen previously, however in the last step select ” Custom order ” page (in French).
  • The screen will split if you hold down your finger on the icon of the app you want to move for a long time.
  • Drag the icon to the desired location by keeping your finger pressed on it.
  • Release the pressure.

Arrange Apps Alphabetically Using Setting On Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Are you sick of having to swipe your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA’s screen from right to left in order to find an application? In fact, when dozens of tiny icons clog our mobile phone screen, finding the application you want to open is sometimes difficult. You must strategically clean up your home screen if you want to save time. On your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA, you can organize your applications in any way you like, but you can also go with the simplest option by alphabetizing them. Anyone can use this technique to find their home screen in a snap.

In addition, activating adjustment will only require a few clicks, ensuring that all of your applications are arranged and saved. So discover the easiest way to sort apps alphabetically on your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA :

  • Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA
  • Swipe up on your screen or in some cases meet in your »
  • Parameters “Then” Application settings ” page (in French).
  • A full list of apps is shown in the app drawer.
  • Press the More button (the three tiny vertical dots).
  • Click on the option » Sort ” page (in French).
  • Check the box ” In alphabetical order ” page (in French).

Public chat some versions , the method to access the list of applications is different:

  • Go to the ” your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA’s parameters.
  • Press on ” homepage “And” wallpaper ” page (in French).
  • Choose after that ” Home screen style ” page (in French).
  • Activate “Drawer mode “. The applications are arranged alphabetically on that page. Slide the drawer upward to open it.
  • On your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA, the apps will change automatically to a new space and now display in alphabetical order. A new application you install will also be automatically stored.

If you’d like to learn about additional methods for making the icons on your Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA smaller, don’t hesitate to read our guide.

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