When Will The Truth Social Android App Go To Be Released?

Truth Social Android App

When will the truth social Android App be released? Compared with Facebook and twitter, truth social is a much newer social media network, which promises to provide an open platform that will not discriminate against users based on their political ideology. Currently, the truth social app is still not available for download on Android devices, although it is expected to be available in the near future.

When Will Truth Social Be Available for Android?

When truth social was first launched, it became the most downloaded app in the Apple App store. After Elon Musk bought twitter for $44billion, the CEO of Tesla released a screenshot of the app store rankings, showing that truth social beat twitter and tiktok in downloads. He wrote that the main reason for this is that “Twitter censors freedom of speech”

It is said that truth’s method is not as strict as twitter. The website of the application said, “truth social is the ‘big tent’ social media platform in the United States, which encourages open, free and honest global dialogue without discrimination against political ideology.”

Why We Could Download Truth Social On Apple Store Before?

Truth Social Android App

Currently, there is a link to download the app on the Apple App store, with a Google store icon next to it. However, at the time of writing this article, it has become gray, which makes many people ask when Android users can download and use truth social.

In fact, this political ideological commitment is the first reason for the emergence of social truth. In 2021, after Donald Trump was widely banned on many social media websites, an alternative service that did not censor its users was publicized in his works. In February 2022, this alternative service launched truth social on the iPhone. At that time, people thought Android support was coming, but there was no clear indication of when it would come.

For months, former president Donald Trump and his team have been bragging about their new social media application, true social. Trump’s trump media and Technology Group (TMTG) will merge with digital world acquisition Corp. and launch the app on the president’s day of 2022.

Although Apple users can access truth social, users with Android are also eager to become members of the truth social community. Here are the latest news on when true social will be available for Android devices.

What Problems Does Truth Social Currently Face?

True social faces many problems. On February 20, devinnunes, the CEO of tmtg and former Republican U.S. representative, said that true social should be fully operational by the end of March, at least in the United States.

However, the launch of this application is far from satisfactory. Although the release of any large application will inevitably have initial problems, some true social users have been complaining about the application. Many others think this is a “Twitter like thing”. It is reported that trump was not satisfied with the initial hiccup.

True social has been exited by senior management.

The senior management of true social has resigned, and the company’s chief product and technology officer resigned in April. Trump’s choice of Nunes as CEO also puzzles many people, because he has no experience in leading social media companies. However, his relationship with trump seems to have earned him the top position at tmtg, which plans to compete with Twitter, Amazon and Netflix.

According to the telegraph of the world, former president trump said that the Android version will be launched soon: “Donald Trump said that the truth social Android application is in the testing stage and will soon be available to Android users. Former president trump announced the news at the save the United States rally held in Delaware, Ohio.” However, the official release date has not been announced.

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