Is Deco Pic On Android A Virus?

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There is no virus in the Android app Deco Pic. You can choose the file from your gallery or take an instant photo before using DECO PIC to edit a photo or video safely. After that, you can select from a variety of tabs at the bottom of the interface to add dozens of filters and effects and customize the image as you see fit.

  • What Is Deco Pic App?

If you’ve never heard of it, you may be wondering what it is and how to download it. It is an app that enables you to add a variety of stickers to images and videos. Samsung Android devices can use the app, which is free. You can add as many stickers as you want once they have been downloaded. You can download it without signing up and it has an easy-to-use interface.

Up to nine photos can be collaged using the app. To alter the appearance of the images, Deco Pic also provides filters and photo-editing tools. You can also use it to arrange your photos according to date and location. The app also allows you to save pictures as reminders and set them as wallpapers. Remember that the app will ask for permission to install third-party apps while using it. Besides Deco Pic-compatible apps, you might also want to download some Samsung-compatible ones.

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  • Is Deco Pic On Android A Virus?

The Deco Pic App for Android is not a virus, but it appears to have been downloaded and set up without the user’s knowledge.

The Deco Pic app is the ideal tool to download if you want to share pictures with friends. The app has a huge selection of fun accessories and free digital stickers. It enables you to make photo collages and posters, as well as upload your work to social media. Cropping photos and using entertaining backgrounds and stamps can all be done in full-screen mode. You can instantly transform your photographs into works of art using Deco Pic.

  • How To Uninstall Deco Pic

Stickers and masks, for example, were already included in the Samsung phone’s default camera app, but the company apparently thought that creating a separate app would make functionality easier. access for users. Few people, however, are in favor of the new app, and on a Reddit thread, many complain that the change has them wondering whether their device has been infected with malware. or another. Fortunately, it is not malware in the strict sense of the word, but given that it is an application that the majority of users do not want, it could undoubtedly be categorized as bloatware.

Deco Pic can be difficult to remove from users’ devices, according to numerous reports. Some people claim to have successfully uninstalled the app while in developer mode, but other people claim they were only able to disable the app from running on their devices. Although this cannot be verified at this time, a Redditor claimed that he was able to uninstall it using the system app manager on his device. Still, it’s worth a try, so for users who want to try this can go to Settings,’ to select apps,’ find Decorative image,’ then tap the three-dot menu button in the top right and select Uninstall updates.’ This will apparently uninstall new Deco Pic app updates on Samsung devices.

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