What Happens When You Delete Your Instagram App?

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Instagram is a popular social media site where users can post pictures, videos, and other kinds of media. But on occasion, the app can store so much data that it uses up all of the storage on your phone.

The first feeling that comes to mind whenever one of us decides to deactivate any social media app from our mobile device is the worry for the published posts, and Instagram is no exception. We’ll cover everything that might happen when you delete the Instagram app from your Android or iPhone in this article to address your query.

What if I uninstall Instagram?

Profile Visibility

Your profile is unaffected if you remove the Instagram app from your mobile device. Your profile is still viewable and searchable. Searching for your username will not bring up your profile, though, if you permanently delete your Instagram account.

Will You Lose Followers

The number of Instagram followers you have will not change if you uninstall the app. Unless the followers choose to stop following you, you won’t lose any followers if you uninstall the app.

Will Saved Posts Get Deleted

The collections that we create for later use are the saved posts. If you couldn’t access them on other devices, what would be the benefit? So, thankfully, uninstalling the app doesn’t remove the saved posts. Once you reinstall the app, you can continue to keep track of those lovely dresses you added to your saved posts.

Draft Posts

When you uninstall Instagram from your device, all draft posts—unlike your profile and those that have already been uploaded—will be deleted. Therefore, before removing the app, we advise that you publish them.


Your Instagram account’s cloud servers are a secure place for all of your data, including messages. Not just the outdated messages are still available; even after you remove the app from your device, people are still willing to message you. 

You won’t receive notifications this time, and that’s the only thing that will be different. To view the new messages, you can either reinstall the app or sign into your Instagram account using a mobile browser. 

The messages you’ve sent and received won’t be affected in any way. The recipient will still be able to read a message you sent them in the DMs even after you uninstalled the app.

When you return to Instagram, all the messages you’ve received will still be there. The messages that other users have sent you will be accessible when you reinstall Instagram. The removal of Instagram has no effect on your messages.

Will I Lose My Archive if I Delete the Instagram App?

When you reinstall the Instagram app, the stories and posts that you’ve archived will still be accessible. To repost or add to your highlights, you can access the Story archives and post archives when you sign in again. The archives won’t be affected because you didn’t delete your account. You can still view the archives in the archive section if you archived a post before uninstalling the app.

When you go back, all of the saved archives from your story or your profile that have expired or been archived by you will still be there. The archives on Instagram will remain in the same location after you reinstall the app. Only if you go ahead and delete them yourself or if you delete your account will you lose access to your archives.

If I Delete Instagram App Will It Log Me Out

You’ll be signed out of Instagram when you delete the app from your phone, and Instagram won’t appear on your home screen anymore. Instagram accounts cannot be deleted; only the app from your phone can be deleted. When you delete the app, you will be logged out and prompted to log in again when you download it again because you must log in each time you install the app in order to access your account. 

Don’t delete the app just yet; you need to change your password if you’re concerned that you’ll lose access to your account because you can’t remember it. Change it in the “edit your profile” section if you no longer have access to your email or phone number. From here, you’ll need to be able to get a recovery password link to your email or phone number. You can modify your password from here. You’ll have no trouble logging in after you delete and redownload the Instagram app.

How Can Conversations Be Removed From Instagram?

You might have conversations that you later regret sending, if you’re like many people. You might want to delete them now because you were perhaps upset or ashamed of yourself at the time. In either case, getting rid of them is simple using this method. You can delete the conversation for yourself by clicking the Delete Conversation button at the bottom of the screen. The deleted conversations are hidden from the other party. If you publicly delete the conversation, it will be difficult to recover the content.

On Instagram, deleted conversations cannot be recovered. Both the recipient and the owner won’t be able to see the message. Although you can resend the conversation, you cannot go back and get any of the messages. Installing a third-party auto-clicking app will be necessary if you want to delete messages in bulk. Thankfully, Instagram has a feature for mass deletion.

Instagram Chat History: Is It Saved?

Instagram App

If you enjoy sharing pictures and videos with your loved ones, you might be wondering if the Instagram app saves chat history after an app deletion. This works really well on Instagram. It’s a great way to privately communicate with friends and family because its chat feature allows you to send Direct Messages to other users. Although deleting a DM might seem like an easy fix, it isn’t always reliable.

The chat history of Instagram can be downloaded in a few different ways. You can first ask to have the data associated with your account deleted. You’ll receive an email from Instagram with a link to download all of your chat history, including voice messages, attachments, and direct messages. You must allow the app 48 hours to complete your request. You’ll get a notification on your phone after sending the request.

When you delete the Instagram app, is your account also deleted?

No, is the straightforward response. It closely resembles the smartphone app for your bank. The app allows you to both check your balance and conduct transactions. However, removing the app from your phone has no impact on your bank account. A username and password are required to access your Instagram account, which you can do from any location with an internet connection. You can log into your Instagram account from another device even after removing the app from your own. Your contacts and the media will all appear in the same manner as before. Unless you deactivate your account first before deleting the app from your device, they will stay secure.

Fortunately, when using the app on your device, there is a fail-safe. This is due to the fact that you cannot deactivate your account using the app. Instead, you must open the browser (on desktop or mobile). The implication of this is that you couldn’t delete your account even if you wanted to do so while removing the Instagram app.


In conclusion, your Instagram account won’t be deleted if you uninstall the Instagram app from your Android or iOS phone. By entering your username and password on a different device, you can still access your Instagram account. However, once your account is deleted, everything starts over because you have no more friends, followers, or media.

For this reason, Instagram presents an easier and more useful substitute. By doing this, you can conceal your account for a while and then reactivate it whenever you like. You can also use it to temporarily disable your account. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned if you deleted Instagram from your phone or if it was stolen or lost.

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